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Left to right: The Coast New’s Associate Publisher Chris Kydd, C3 Business Banker Thomas Wornhan, Victory & Noble’s CEO Tori Reid, C3 Bank CEO AJ Moyer and Getting Deals Done’s Patrick A. Howell. Photo by Patrick Howell
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Getting Deals Done: C3Bank’s Moyer on helping local businesses emerge from pandemic

In part one of this two-part series, we noted C3Bank CEO AJ Moyer’s commitment to small businesses and dynamic executive leadership provides a unique vantage point into local economies emerging from unprecedented historic challenges nationwide.

For part two, we continue to look at C3Bank’s important role in North County’s local economy.

In a conversation with Getting Deals Done, Moyer emphasized the bank’s experience as a small business lifeline and trusted economic advisor with in-depth knowledge of local economies — a coterie of business masterminds in strategic real estate, investment and community partnerships.

Moyer’s insights reflect my own experiences as a tenured banker.

“First and foremost, even with your background in banking, service and customer interaction is still a key differentiator,” Moyer said. “And even in this technological environment, being able to talk to somebody and getting that personal interaction and guidance is still very meaningful.”

The Coast News Associate Publisher Chris Kydd and Tori Reid, CEO of Victory & Noble, a storytelling and media company, had the opportunity to experience C3Bank’s commitment to the community with a group luncheon at the bank’s state-of-the-art facility in Encinitas.

C3Bank’s visionary leadership and commitment to entrepreneurship and community is also evidenced by its deployment of the recent Coronavirus Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Programs with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

In total, about 472 million payments through the first, second and third stimulus checks have been delivered to struggling businesses by the federal government totaling more than $807 billion since the American Rescue Plan Act was passed.

C3 Bank has dispersed nearly $175 million in disbursement payments to small businesses and within local economies.

C3 Bank has also continued to move all of their chips to the center of the community, rebuilding systems and financing infrastructure with a portfolio of local real estate loans, old fashion boots-on-the-ground business development, a tradition of quarterly networking events and an abiding commitment to community (lollipop in the lobby variety).

“Yes, I think there’s no doubt that the government stimulus packages have been bountiful in a good way,” Moyer said. “Before stimulus packages, we could definitely see from our business that customers were hurting. There was a definite need for cash as those businesses were required to close.”

C3 Bank’s board of directors — Evert “Chooch” Alsenz, Paul Becker, Michael Persall and Richard M. Skay — has anted up at the critical macro-systemic failure and is now in a position to leverage that faith into ongoing profitable growth along with its small business customers for long term gains.

C3 Bank holds an incredible real estate portfolio as it builds communities within the Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, Riverside, San Marcos and surrounding North County communities.

“What we’re seeing economically is that a lot of people and customer businesses are sitting on a significant amount of cash,” Moyer said. “And as an example of that, and the most recent quarter in all banks, banks are sitting on historic all-time high cash levels. So, a lot of people have shifted into cash to be conservative and prepare for the future.

“But also, a lot of people have been able to stockpile cash plus the government stimulus coming in. So, there is a lot of liquidity in the marketplace and in some cases, some customers’ balance sheets are stronger than ever. I almost feel bad saying that sometimes though, because there is still this other percentage that is not the case.”

Moyer’s most valuable insights come with his ability to lean into macro-economic trends versus adroitly assessing a balance sheet or income statement and customize with creative C3 banking solutions.

We are in a brand-new economic reality. There is no going back to “normal” but there is the new “norm.”

And any astute businessperson knows that a relationship with your business attorney, accountant and business banker is essential to real-time business IQ and adapting to the macro environment based upon core principles.

While there are federal and state guidelines, the finance and business partnership of a local banking institution and your business banker can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

Contrary to the myth that successful entrepreneurs are self-made titans of industry, they also have a strategic mastermind that provides invaluable counsel.

A friendly relationship with a small business banker is essential to a small business’s success. As a matter of fact, Moyer and C3 are banking on it.

To find out more about Mr. AJ Moyer’s unique perspective on local businesses like restaurants, golf courses, outdoor sports in cycling, snowboarding, technology and online retail, please listen to the full Getting Deals Done podcast interview. I’ll save our pickleball sidebar for its own special future pickleball column. Yes, I’m serious.

Patrick A. Howell is an award-winning financier, tenured entrepreneur and author of “Dispatches from the Vanguard” on sale at Farenheit 451 Book Store in Downtown Carlsbad.  He lives in Carlsbad and is his son SharkHeart’s, a swimmer, runner and baller,  No. 1 worldwide sport’s fan