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Farrar updates board on projects, code enforcement

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe Association interim building commissioner Tom Farrar updated the Association board at the monthly February meeting on a variety of items including how 43 projects were submitted to the Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC) within in the last 31 days.

“We have approved 28 of those projects that have gone through the process,” Farrar said.

According to Farrar, there are a variety of projects coming through the Association including several commercial projects.

“We’ve got one proposal that will be submitted within the next few weeks for a new pharmacy right kitty corner to where the original pharmacy is at,” he said.

When asked by the board for more information on this, Farrar shared how to date the Association already had two meetings with them which consisted of a pre-application meeting.  Farrar said that before a project submission, these meetings help in terms of providing guidance while talking about the project as a whole.

“I do understand that they’re entertaining putting a deli in which would be very nice,” he said.

Farrar also noted how several new homes, remodels and accessory structures were also being processed.

Farrar wanted the board to know that other projects coming in were bodies of water such as fountains and ponds, which may need approval.

“Not that it’s totally our purview to do that, but we just want to look at them to ensure that there aren’t any reclaimed water conditions that might affect that approval because if you use reclaimed water you can’t touch it,” he said, adding how there are certain guidelines.

Farrar said the second component was working with the county to see if there were certain provisions the Association could add to their approval process.

On the code enforcement front, Farrar noted 60 active cases with 15 that closed in the prior month. Farrar shared that their senior planner, Roger Scherer, who is championing these cases was making a positive impact in the community by building relationships.  Farrar described it as a win-win situation.

“Roger has gotten really good at going out and just bringing everybody together and rectifying some of these situations,” Farrar said. “We’ve created a relationship and we’re really proud of that.”

Following the presentation, RSF Association board President Fred Wasserman thanked Farrar.

“I think the board really needs to thank you and your staff for the great job you’re doing considering the number of those applications and projects,” Wasserman said.