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Encinitas 101 MainStreet elects board members

ENCINITAS — The Encinitas 101 Main Street Association recently held elections for three seats on its board of directors, selecting Dave Peck, of the Coast Law Group, Adam Robinson, of RPG, and John Van Cleef, CEO of the Community Resource Center.

According to E101 Executive Director Irene Pyun, the organization is happy to bring on members with fresh ideas on relevant issues, sharing the member’s personal statements with The Coast News.

The E101 is welcoming back Peck, who previously served on the board of directors, and newcomers Robinson and Van Cleef.

Peck ran for reelection to preserve specific elements of Encinitas, including the La Paloma property, clean and safe sidewalks and a mix of retailers.

“I was honored to serve on the Encinitas 101 Board of Directors from 2013-2019, including a term as Board President,” Peck said.“Those of us who have lived here for decades miss the Encinitas of yesteryear.  We recall a less crowded, slower-paced downtown with ample parking, funky shops, familiar faces and locally-owned restaurants.  But while much has changed along the 101 corridor, our historic town’s deep roots remain viable under the new stucco and concrete.”

Robinson, president of RPG, is dedicated to attending to the interests of small businesses.

“I love Encinitas and have made it a goal of mine to transform pieces of real estate into spaces that add to the already unique character of our town,” Robinson said. “Creating spaces where locals and visitors can enjoy themselves while supporting small businesses is important to me. ”

Van Cleef said he is dedicated to “maintaining a strong relationship with our businesses [as] is important to CRC and me. By joining the E101 board of Directors, I want to understand: the needs of our local businesses, create awareness about people who are experiencing homelessness, and join the people who are already working toward creating brighter futures for our community.”

According to Pyun, the E101 board selections bring, “great expertise, especially in their field, and also give a range of perspective,” Pyun said. “Having [Van Cleef] from the Community Resource Center with their expertise and resources, especially during the pandemic when we’ve seen an increase in homeless in our downtown, is a great partnership to have.”

“We need to be creative this year,” Pyun said. “Thankfully our board members are dedicated to our organization and more importantly, our larger downtown business community. We’re really looking forward to our board retreat this January of 2021 so we can reevaluate E101’s priorities this coming year with all things considered.”