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Council appoints former city manager as O’side mayor

OCEANSIDE — City Council appointed former City Manager Peter Weiss as mayor on Jan. 24. A number of residents left the council meeting expressing frustration the decision to fill the vacant mayor’s seat did not go to a citizen vote.

Following the meeting, Oceanside resident Amanda Macia said the decision made her sad and angry.

“The majority of people did want an election,” Macia said. “A three-person (council) vote disenfranchised and completely ignored us.”

During the meeting more than a dozen speakers shared feedback on how to fill the position. The majority called for an election. Speakers said voting is an honored right, and the position of mayor is too important for a three-person council majority to decide.

A retired U.S. Marine said the city would be “going backwards” if it didn’t hold an election.

Others in favor of an election discredited the council majority and said the council was “not to be trusted” in its decisions on the city’s future. Speakers mentioned council’s favoritism to developers, and the resident-supported SOAR initiative to preserve open space and farmland.

Close to 80 people provided email feedback prior to the meeting. Most of them requested an appointment.

Other speakers either introduced themselves as candidates for the mayor appointment, or recommended Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery be appointed. Those who asked that Lowery be appointed said he has done a good job as deputy mayor during the mayor’s lengthy absence and shown he is fit to be mayor.

There were also 27 email requests that Lowery be appointed to mayor since the Jan. 10 meeting when the vacant mayor’s position was first discussed and community input was requested.

Four candidates submitted paperwork to be considered for mayor. John Tyner, Adrianne Hakes, Tanner Axt and Weiss gave notice of their interest to serve. Several additional candidates announced interest during the Jan. 24 meeting.

A 3-1 council vote secured Weiss’ appointment, with a no vote from Councilwoman Esther Sanchez. The vote came after speakers’ input and a round robin of motions and failed votes to appoint current council members as mayor.

The council majority favored an appointment over a lengthy and costly election process that would leave the mayor’s seat vacant until a June or November vote. Concerns were shared that the current four-person council could run into tie votes with the mayor’s seat empty.

Council members are familiar with Weiss who served as city manager for seven years before retiring in 2013. Prior to his position as city manager he worked as city engineer and public works director. Since his retirement he has continued to work as a city consultant.

Weiss also received Wood’s recommendation to be appointed to mayor when Wood retired Jan. 1. Weiss was not present at the Jan. 24 meeting.

A request was made by council to swear in Weiss prior to the next council meeting. Following the meeting, City Clerk Zack Beck said an informal swearing in ceremony might take place as soon as the following day.


Oceansidevotes January 27, 2018 at 9:46 am

Symtrnr, that was a low blow. Let’s not forget Kern and company put out expensive mailers throughout Oceanside to vote for our former Treasurer, after he passed. Why, because if Ms Scott was elected she wouldve discovered where all the bodies are buried. Kern, Feller and now Lowery are the same as Kern, Feller and Fe-lien. Who also slipped into the Treasurers seat and then slid right into the Council. Just as Mr. Weiss who has been making deals with the devil-opers will now be able to vote and approve the same projects. Conflict or corruption? Perhaps both. The good news is – oceanside voters can rid the City of Kern and Low- ery in November!

Symtrnr January 31, 2018 at 2:24 pm

Yawn. Provide one piece of evidence to support any of your accusations “Oceansidevotes”. Otherwise, toddle off to the backwaters of obscurity, yet again.

Oceansidesvote January 26, 2018 at 4:22 pm

Peter Weiss has been negotiating deals with the out of town devilopers for the past 10 years. So will he have to recuse himself on all his future votes? Mayor Wood didn’t support Deputy Lowery but supported Peter and wasn’t Weiss the City Manager when Mayor Wood was stripped of his powers in 2013? Mayor Wood needed to resign for health reasons and clearly isn’t thinking well and about “putting the people first” he put Peter first! The people voted for Wood but not to recommend Peter Rabbit. Weiss has been hopping around from job to job at City Hall. He even jumped out of the bushes to be interviewed by channel 10, after the Council meeting. Perhaps, he was to busy eating carrots to show up at the council meeting and give a 3 minute speech like everyone else. No, he’s privileged Peter. City employees heard before the Council meeting Weiss already had the appointment (before the meeting started) Then Weiss was sworn in privately less than 12 hours later. And why would Weiss take a $50k reduction unless he’s planning on still being the City’s consultant too? Why not, he can hop to the meeting with Manchester and then hop to the Mayors seat and vote. Perfect! Thumbs down to Mullen, Lowery, Kern, and Feller who obviously orchestrated this whole thing. Corruption at it’s finest.

symtrnr January 25, 2018 at 2:57 pm

Sounds like “Nadine Scott” has some sour grapes. She lost her election to a dead guy and she still thinks the people of Oceanside wanted her to be Treasurer? Ha! Sounds to me like Oceanside thought the dead guy was better qualified than she is alive.

rxstr January 25, 2018 at 2:21 pm

A dozen speakers does not a “majority of voters” make. Just because some folks are the loudest, doesn’t make them a “majority.” Weiss is Wood’s choice. Voters love Wood and have faith in his judgment.

Nadine Scott January 25, 2018 at 1:40 pm

So council disenfranchised the voters once again- once for treasurer by appointing someone NO one knew or vetted rather than the person who ran and got 27,000 votes and who voters had lots of chances to hear her ideas about the office she was running for- and now, a person who most people don’t know and never had a chance to vet or hear his ideas- outrageous!

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