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Freddie's Place in Vista offers nose-to-tail veterinary care for cats and dogs of all stripes. Courtesy photo
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Compassionate, reasonably priced pet care has returned to North County

There’s a new healthcare provider in town for your favorite furry companions. Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital + Urgent Care is their name, and you can find them in Vista at 2395 S. Melrose Place. The folks at Freddie’s Place claim to be “UNLEASHING” a change in pet care, as they bring back old-fashioned compassionate service at affordable costs for all pet owners in San Diego County.

We spoke to the folks at Freddie’s Place to find out more about their new hospital, its vision and mission and what makes Freddie’s Place different.

Q: What is Freddie’s Place?

A: Freddie’s Place is a full-service independent animal hospital that focuses on the patient experience. Since emergencies don’t work 9 to 5 schedules, we are open all hours of the day and night, so our staff is always available when healthcare needs arise.

Our hospital operates on a “client first” mentality, which allows us to treat symptoms and look for the best outcome for the patient at the most affordable overall cost.

The Freddie’s Place staff doesn’t work on commission, so profits won’t be driving decisions on diagnosis or treatment. We believe every pet we see deserves to be treated as the loved family member his owner sees and not a just a number or statistic. Our staff are all pet owners, so we treat every pet we see as one of our own.

Q: What services can you find at Freddie’s Place?

A: Freddie’s Place covers your pets “Nose to Tail”. Our service offerings are everything from Feline/Canine dental cleanings and extraction, onsite elective surgical procedures, labs and testing facilities in the building.

We offer everyday wellness care such as checkups and flea prevention, as well as our online pharmacy for your prescriptions or special pet dietary needs. We pride ourselves on our $25-a-shot vaccine clinic, which is available to any and all clients of Freddie’s Place. There’s never a need to go anywhere else when you’re a patient of Freddie’s Place.

Q: Why is Freddie’s Place Different?

A: Being pet owners ourselves who were trying to get treatment for a sick puppy, we saw a gap in the pet care industry that was driving up cost and down the quality of care. The issues ranged from unneeded treatments and medications to just the ever-rising cost of service. It was becoming more than the average pet family could afford and there were no signs of it ending.

Our mission was to turn back the clock and create a truly warm and welcoming environment that still offered the best of service at prices folks on a budget could afford, somewhere that featured compassionate care, good bedside manner and found a way to cut costs but still provide best in class service. From there, we created the framework for what is now Freddie’s Place.

Q: Why the Name ‘Freddie’s Place’?

A: We call the hospital Freddie’s Place in memory of our service and therapy dog, Freddie, who was a kind, caring and gentle soul. Freddie never met a stranger and had a calming effect on those who needed his loving touch. Everything we do is to honor Freddie; in fact, you’ll see his likeness all over our hospital.

Freddie’s favorite toy was his plush red ball, he carried it everywhere. We kept that image of the red round ball in the building, and we use the saying “Keeping the ball rolling” as a reminder of Freddie’s spirit and drive to do the right things for the right reasons. You could say we all strive to “be like Freddie”, every day.

Well, there you have it, there’s a new dog in town and he’s taking pet care back the way it used to be, the way it should be.

Affordable, compassionate, caring service that is delivered with state-of-the-art technology for all comers. Freddie’s Place is the name, and it sounds like they have a plan to change the game.

To find out more, call them at 760-Freddie or you can visit their website at

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