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City approves $6 million for aged water and sewer pipeline replacement

OCEANSIDE — The City Council unanimously approved the Water Utilities Department budget of $6 million to replace aged downtown water and sewer pipelines on Dec 16.

Work will replace more than 1,000 feet of pipeline, and upsize pipes under eight-inches to increase hydraulic capacity and accommodate fire flow. During the project 300 home and business meters will be replaced.

Cari Dale, city water utilities director, said the pipeline replacement would address leaks and improve water quality. Some city pipes have been in use for 100 years.

“It’s not crumbling infrastructure, but it’s reached the end of its useful life,” Dale said. “We’re getting in front of emergencies that would cost a whole lot more.”

Downtown pipeline replacement will begin in March and take a year to complete.

Residents on streets that will be impacted will be notified through public outreach efforts, which will include door hangers and information updates posted on the city website.

There will also be a hotline phone number to call for questions and concerns, which will return calls within 24 hours.

“We know it’s going to be impacting residents with construction in alleys and in front of homes,” Dale said. “We ask people to be patient and use the hotline.”

Downtown pipeline replacement is phase one of a five-phase citywide pipe replacement project. Neighborhoods with the oldest water and sewer pipes will have work done first.

Pipeline in south Oceanside has already been replaced.

Phase two of the project will begin next fall.

The pipeline replacement project is cash funded through city water rates.

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