Scene and Heard

Art, music and community join together

Places often spring up around North County quicker than I can catch on to them. Lucky for me, I have a few very in touch, hip friends who always seem to know where the most happening places are on any given weekend in our little slice of the world. A couple of weekends ago, I […]

Promoter works hard for local musicians

Probably one of the nicest, hardest working people you’ll ever meet in the local music scene is Jen “Supa Jen” Leas. In a scene where people are often standoffish, introverted, and too wrapped up in themselves to be approachable after a show, Supa Jen is a breath of fresh air. Her high energy and passion […]

Boar Cross’n is the new scene for Carlsbad locals

Anyone who has ever trolled the Carlsbad Crawl — you know, the craze where you hit every awesome bar in downtown Carlsbad’s four-block radius — knows that there are really only a couple places to see live music. And really, what’s better than seeing and hearing live music when you’re getting totally plastered? Unfortunately, no […]

Arm the Angels wait for big break

Some bands are the perfect package. In this do-it-yourself day and age, many bands are producing, managing, styling and marketing themselves. I have to say, Arm the Angels are doing it better than everyone else so far. Although the band originally formed in Poway, the boys spend much of their time here in North County […]

Counter culture American songwriter performs at Belly Up

Dan Hicks’ signature blend of music is a cross-section of American folk and jazz/blues, that also veers toward some witch’s brew of gypsy rock and swing guitar, a concoction that he himself dubs “folk-jazz.” A legend in his own right, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks pioneered through the 1960s burgeoning folk music scene and […]

Local reggae band set to embark on Texas tour

Unfortunately when it comes to music these days, “originality” is a word lacking in most descriptions. I’ve seen and heard (no pun intended) countless bands that I can honestly say I wish I never had. So many bands in the local scene bite off from those who actually accomplish their own sense of personal style, […]

The beat goes on: Music store in Carlsbad here to stay

If you’re anything like me, and I like to think that you are, you cringe the moment you step through the automatic doors of Guitar Center, deep in anticipation of the throngs of lame-haired salesmen who eagerly await your approach, clamoring over one another to greet you first (and thus claim your sale). Why does […]

Local musicians getting involved with indie labels

It’s no secret that the record industry is in a state of emergency; it has been in crisis-mode for several years. The industry witnessed the rapid demise of many of the major record labels like Capitol Records, leaving in its aftermath only a handful of majors still carrying the flag of perseverance. But what of […]

New American Mob is back

Probably one of the most prolific punk bands ever to emerge from the gritty beachside barrios of Carlsbad is New American Mob. The band has captured the hearts and minds of those who dwell within its rabid underground punk scene — where liberty spikes and safety pin fashion reigned supreme. New American Mob has redefined […]

Welcome 2009 with Carlsbad’s Stone Senses

Probably one of the most successful bands to come out of Carlsbad, Stone Senses is getting ready to close out the year at The Royal Dive in Oceanside in support of their second full length album, Live It Up. For those of you who don’t know, Stone Senses is comprised of seven members, most of […]