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Boarman and Roy among nine candidates for council

OCEANSIDE — Nine prospective candidates have expressed interest in two city council seats that will be voted on in November. Among those interested in the two positions are incumbents Councilman Jack Feller and Councilwoman Esther Sanchez, and challengers Dave Boarman, Victor Roy, Dr. Linda Gonzales,  Ward O’Doherty, Daniel Dumachel, Steve Hasty and Oscar Ortega. Replies from Boarman and Roy are shared in this story.


Boarman, 48, works as a software engineer. He is married to Mandy Boarman and has one daughter and one son. He has lived and owned a home in Oceanside for two years.

Boarman said he is running for the City Council because he is interested in the community and wants to see what he can do to help push change forward.

David Boarman
David Boarman

His chief focuses for Oceanside are to build a strong economy throughout the city, and better address aiding the homeless.

Boarman said a lot of attention is being given to the redevelopment and economics of the city’s beachfront downtown, “but that’s where the tourists stop.”

“We need to figure out ways to attract people into Oceanside, I feel a little slighted Carlsbad and Vista have a lot better shopping opportunities,” Boarman said.

He added he would also like to see more high tech jobs come into Oceanside.

To address the city’s growing homeless population Boarman said he would like to form additional partnerships to help solve the problem.

As far as Coast Highway improvements, Boarman said he is all for landscape beautification, but does not agree with narrowing the main street to two lanes.

“I don’t think narrowing it is the answer at all,”  Boarman said.


Roy, 67, is retired from a career in aviation. He is single, has lived in Oceanside for 40 years and owned a home in the city for 44 years.

He has served on the boards of Friends of Oceanside Parks, Friends of Oceanside Public Library and the North San Diego County NAACP for the last three years.

Roy said he became intensely involved in city politics in 2011 when he worked to help pass the referendum and ballot measure to secure rent control for mobile home owners.

He has also worked on campaign committees for Mayor Jim Wood, Councilwoman Sanchez, Councilman Chuck Lowery, and council candidate Dana Corso.

Roy said he is running for the City Council to protect senior affordable housing and rent control, and bring in businesses to improve the city’s economy. He is also concerned with protecting the environment and public safety.

His focuses for the city are to work with all neighborhoods, and steer smart growth.

Roy said he is concerned with the 15 high density development projects that are in the pipeline.

He said he does not want to see city costs for new development’s infrastructure and services outweigh the benefits of growth.

When asked about his thoughts on proposed Coast Highway improvements, Roy said he is waiting to hear what comes out of the traffic analysis study that will be shared by the end of this year.

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