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730 Covenant members participate in online internet survey

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association asked its Covenant members to take part in an online internet survey which closed on Nov. 15. Available for three weeks, the survey asked 11 questions which gave the Association a better idea on internet coverage, connectivity and cell service among its members.

Christy Whalen, Association interim manager, indicated they had a good survey response at a Dec. 1 Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting. The goal was to receive between 600 and 800 surveys and a total of 730 members participated.

“We hit our goal and we think that it’s a pretty representative sample,” she said.

Whalen noted that a survey was done a few years ago, but what differed from that one, was the type of information gathered didn’t allow the Association to really accurately assess what was going on in the Covenant regarding internet service and those providing it.

“We had a lot of comments which was great information for us, and I know the Tech Committee is studying all those comments,” Whalen said. “Some of the comments were very appreciative of the survey. But we also had some people who are clearly impatient and are ready for service.”

According to Whalen, the first question in the survey wanted to know if the participants had internet service at their home. A total of 98 percent of respondents said “yes.” When asked about internet service, participants noted providers such as AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Cox, Orion, Time Warner and San Diego Broadband.

Whalen pointed out three-quarters of the members had AT&T and AT&T Wireless as its providers. While 55 percent of participants were satisfied with their internet service costs, 88 percent wanted to improve their internet service.

Whalen then presented a large map of the Covenant, which was color-coded to represent where the providers are in the area based on the answers from the respondents.

The map will be on display at the Association for viewing.

In regards to internet speed, two-thirds of the respondents were not satisfied with their current speed whereas one-third of people answered that they were satisfied.

Whalen also shared with the board and Covenant members who were present about the types of comments they received from the survey. A total of 103 comments showed those respondents as supporting a project to improve service. While support for a project was evident, some respondents shared their concerns regarding costs and others noted a disinterest in a project.

Fred Wasserman, RSF Association board president, said they were committed to this project.

“We want to get it done and get it done right,” he said.