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Write-in candidate joins race for council

OCEANSIDE — Write-in candidate Matthew Pinnavaia wants voters to know he is in the race for City Council against incumbents Jerry Kern and Chuck Lowery, and candidates Gary Felien and Rex Martin. Pinnavaia fell short of having his name on the November ballot by two verified signatures, but is still running as a write-in contender.
“I’ve lived here 25 years and thought it was a good time to get involved because of economic stagnation,” Pinnavaia said. “The chance to make a decent living wage has not improved as long as I’ve been here.” Pinnavaia, 52, is a gemologist with a keen interest in city affairs.
“The most pressing issue would be to attract new businesses to bring up the standard of living,” Pinnavaia said. “I want to make Oceanside a world-class city.”
Pinnavaia said he would push for sports franchises, biotechnology businesses and light manufacturing to boost the local economy.
“Oceanside would be a perfect place for having a road racing circuit because of the weather,” Pinnavaia said.
He said the way to jumpstart the local economy is to think big.
“You need to do something provocative economically to make companies set up in Oceanside,” Pinnavaia said.
Pinnavaia proposes creating tax-free zones within the city in which private funds pay for police and fire in order to relieve the burden to taxpayers and stretch city funds.
“I see civic action hasn’t been successful,” Pinnavaia said. “It’s complete economic stagnation. Nobody takes a serious interest in the city.”
Pinnavaia said he wants to promote economic growth and address the concerns of citizens. He said the job of councilman is foremost service. “I will be on call to relieve their worries,” Pinnavaia said. “My reason for running is totally to serve citizens.”