The Coast News Group

The Clean Campaign Pledge

The Clean Campaign Pledge, established by The Coast News, is a series of nonpartisan guideposts and practices for North County’s upcoming election season intended as a step toward inspiring civility and honest discourse among candidates and residents.

“What [the Coast News] is doing is great. It’s forcing a reflection from each campaign and hopefully the supporters of those people asking, what am I contributing to this? And is it positive? Is it helpful? Is it allowing for a discussion that involves divergent thought? Or is it closing the door on people, demeaning them and diminishing their value?” said Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear, who, along with challenger Julie Thunder, became the first candidates to commit to signing the pledge.

The Pledge:

» I promise to run an open and public campaign and shall not permit character defamation, libel, or slander against other candidates. This extends to campaign materials such as signs and flyers, phone calls, or on social media.

» If I see or if I am made aware of someone posting derogatory comments or hate speech about another candidate online, especially if done in my name, I will publicly denounce these actions, and request that the individual stop the behavior.

» I will not issue any statement or communication discussing my opponent’s family, children, race, national origin, religion or sex. I will not lie. I will focus on the issues and will not issue any statements or materials that misrepresent, distort or otherwise falsify the facts.

» I will personally respect and protect my opponent’s campaign signs and will instruct my campaign workers and supporters to do likewise.

» I will at all times be prepared to provide supporting evidence to constituents and local media for statements I have made and will issue a retraction and apology should I find that I have been in error.

California State Assembly, District 76

Tasha Boerner-Horvath, State Assembly member and candidate for re-election

San Diego Board of Supervisors, District 3

Kristin Gaspar, San Diego supervisor and candidate for re-election

Oceanside mayor

Fabio Marchi, candidate for Oceanside mayor

Rocky Chavez, candidate for Oceanside mayor

Esther Sanchez, Oceanside city councilmember and candidate for mayor

Fernando Garcia, candidate for Oceanside mayor

Encinitas mayor

Catherine Blakespear Clean Campaign Pledge
Catherine Blakespear, Encinitas mayor and candidate for re-election

Julie Thunder, candidate for Mayor of Encinitas

Oceanside City Council

Amber Newman, candidate for Oceanside City Council

Encinitas City Council

Tony Kranz, Encinitas City Council member and candidate for re-election

Kellie Shay Hinze, Encinitas city councilmember and candidate for re-election

Susan Turney, candidate for Encinitas City Council

Del Mar City Council

Bob Gans, candidate for Del Mar City Council

Carlsbad City Council

Lela Panagides, candidate for Carlsbad City Council

Teresa Acosta, candidate for Carlsbad City Council

Keith Blackburn, candidate for Carlsbad City Council

Oceanside Unified School Board, Area 5

Todd Maddison, candidate for Oceanside Unified School Board