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Rincon Water Board of Directors Inki Welch and Gregory Quist flip the switch on a new solar energy system at the Rockhoff Pump Station. Photo courtesy of Rincon Water.

Rincon Water flips switch on solar energy at Rockhoff Pump Station

ESCONDIDO — Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District has launched a 40-kilowatt solar power generating project at its Rockhoff Pump Station, which provides potable water to 800 of the District’s customers.

The solar array consists of 159 ground-mounted panels, which will provide enough power to operate the system during daylight hours. The system will continue to operate from the power grid overnight and when solar conditions are unfavorable.

“The Rockhoff Pump Station has been the biggest consumer of power in our water system, typically using more than $150,000 of electricity per year,” said Clint Baze, General Manager of Rincon Water. “This is an important first step in lowering our power consumption and building a more resilient and efficient distribution system for our customers.”

The district is planning to expand its use of solar power, including at the Harmony Grove Water Reclamation Facility.

Rincon Water currently uses smaller-scale solar energy for its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network, which allows for the supervision and monitoring of the water system.

“We are looking to expand solar within our district where it makes financial sense,” Baze said. “Our goal is to provide safe and reliable water for our customers as efficiently as possible.”

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