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Enjoy a picnic at the beach. Simply engaging in the elements tells your body you are connected. Stock image
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NTENTION Talk: Celebrate summer

This July, try to engage in the smaller things of summer like playing in the water and sand, having a BBQ and unplugging from technology. 

We don’t have to think about school in July so let’s take a breather and celebrate with our loved ones. Plan a road trip, visit an old friend, pause. Take your shoes off and walk outside on the deck, in the grass, or in the sand.

Simply engaging in the elements tells your body that you are connected. Stargaze and imagine what everything is up there. Roast a marshmallow and tell a story from your childhood. There really is so much to be grateful for and positive about.

Life is not easy and there are no guarantees. Because we have lived through difficulties, it’s all the more reason to be positive and live life on the lighter side. 

Being negative only makes you feel worse than the situation already is.

So, let’s gather with our loved ones and celebrate our privileges, independence and values. This July work toward acceptance and celebrate all the little joys of summer.  

After all, life does move on. The seasons do change, and so do we. 

Here are 10 activities to get you started. 

1. BBQ

2. Picnic

3. Visit a national park

4. Go camping

5. Play at the beach

6. Stargaze

7. Roast a marshmallow

8. Visit an old friend

9. Leave your phone at home

10. Play in the water 

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