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Letters: Should teachers unions run schools?

School boards and parents should run our schools. Teachers’ unions should not control school districts. San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD) is an excellent district with excellent teachers.

However, I fear for the future of these schools and schools across the nation.

As a grandfather of a child attending an SDUHSD school, I believe we must change things immediately.

There were five board members (trustees) at SDUHSD. There are four board members now. A few months ago, a board member resigned, and the position was filled by an appointment. Now, this member is gone because there will be a special election.

Over the last two years, there have been four board members threatened with either a recall or special election. It is almost certain that one member will be recalled soon. The cost to the school district for these elections will be as much as $1,300,000.00. We have an interim superintendent now.  We need a permanent superintendent and a stable school board.

I will support all board members and faculty who work toward the improvement of the schools. I will not support anything that wastes large amounts of money. The union and others are setting a bad example for students. I want our students to see how democracy and fair negotiations should be done.

Please support this school board. Vote against the recall if you live in Area 4 of the district.

Bill Graham

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