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Exciting things happening in the area and in far away places

There are moments when life seems perfect. You are with your family. The weather is inviting. The leaves have changed colors for the fall season, and someone you love is getting married. This was my weekend. I boarded a plane to Wisconsin to attend my brother’s picturesque wedding on a beautiful bay of the Mississippi. Imagine true love, fall colors and the still water reflecting the sky in a “flyover state.” Yes, that’s right. Well, I’m here to tell you if you haven’t ventured farther than your view out the window of an airplane flying to the East Coast you’ll just never know what you are truly missing. Sometimes there’s nothing like getting away … even if it’s to Wisconsin. The brilliance of deep golds and red tones next to the pale blue sky renewed my mind with a sense of excitement derived only from my immediate surroundings. I took walks, I photographed. And, I remembered that yes, indeed, I will always be just a girl from Missouri.
Exciting things happened, too in Rancho Santa Fe. I have a wonderful picture to share from R. Roger Rowe Elementary. If you are a parent and you receive a phone call that your child is being honored by the school board, well then! Yes, you are one proud parent. Life might be going right after all, and you can look in the mirror and be excited for yourself, too. Well, that’s how I felt when I received the call, anyway. Plus, I captured some of my local favorite shops in the Ranch. Also, I’m going to reveal just exactly why I love Stumps Market. And, it’s not just because of their fabulous deli. Oh yes, there was a book signing in Del Mar, too.
Around town
On Oct. 2, local Del Mar Publisher Bettie Youngs and Earth Song Books hosted a book signing for author Sharrie Williams who wrote the book “The Maybelline Story,” based on the Maybelline makeup dynasty. Ms. Williams is the heir to the Maybelline legacy. Her vast documentation traces this inspirational story to the very beginning in 1915. More than 50 guests were there for the signing, which happened to coincide with the Del Mar Taste and Art Event. Featured is a picture of publisher Bettie Youngs anda Author Sharrie Williams. Thanks Bettie for the invitation. How wonderful to have such an amazing publisher here in the North County area.
On Oct. 7, the R. Roger Rowe school board honored all of the students that received a perfect score on their STAR testing from last year’s test. I was thrilled to receive the call that my son Jackson Tuck would be one those students that would be honored. Featured here is a photo of all those students that deserved to be congratulated for their hard work. On that same day, I managed to board a plane and fly back to my brother’s wedding in Bay City, Wisc. I met my parents curbside that evening with the anticipation of a relaxing weekend.
On Oct. 9, I soon realized that I was wrong about the “relaxing weekend.” Anyone who has been involved in weddings knows that the energy surrounding that day is bordering on anxious and many tasks must be done. My brother, William Ray Penn Jr., married Jessica Klos at Bay City Resort on the Mississippi. Sometimes in life there is a feeling of witnessing a royal moment, and that’s how my brother’s wedding felt. My brother Billy has been one of the most important influences in my life. I am so proud that he is my brother. Congratulations to both Jessica and Billy on being two of the most romantic nuptials I have ever seen, even after a six-year engagement! Part of my duties that evening was watching brother’s boys, Henry and William, which was a delight. I am featured here with my godson Henry just before the reception. I felt like such a lucky auntie all weekend.
On Oct. 13, I ventured into my favorite grocery store in North County. Forget Ralphs. Skip Vons. If you are a Rancho Santa Fe resident, you know firsthand why the Stumps Village Market is an integral part of this community. I have many reasons why I love going there. One happens to be because this store has that down-home feel with personality and love you can’t find at the larger chains. The wonderful employees and staff are always so polite and helpful. Featured here is Manager Matt Basham with employee Annie Waiau-Alveraz. Annie has worked for Stumps for 15 years. If you are having a so-so day, and are nearby this store, just walking in will warm your spirits. Trust me, it works for me every time.
On Oct. 14, I stopped in to Caffé Positano. This is one of your best options for coffee in town. Owner Tim Cusac started his business in downtown Rancho Santa Fe in 2005. In 2008, he opened his second location in Fairbanks. He also has a booth at the Farmers Market on Sundays. There he sells 100 percent Kona coffee, which he roasts himself. He also has a lunch program available to ranch students. If you would like more information, just stop in or call the Fairbanks Location at (858)-756-1921.