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Do-it-yourself motorcycle shop opens in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD — The days of expensive maintenance and labor fees are a thing of the past for Carlsbad’s motorcycle enthusiasts.
At Privateer’s Garage, the recently opened do-it-yourself motorcycle workshop, owners can now do their own maintenance in a space stocked with specialty tools.
“For a lot of people, their bike is their baby and they want it to be perfect,” said co-founder Kyle Indermuehle who, along with Josh Davis and Denise Tyson, recognized the need for this facility.
Located at 2730 State Street, the garage workshop offers tools, space and assistance to motorcycle owners looking to do a quick oil change or a labor-intensive engine swap. The workshop boasts tool chests with motorcycle-specific gadgets that would otherwise be too expensive for many individual owners to buy, Indermuehle said.
“Since we have so many people utilizing the tools, it’s easy for us to buy them and make them available,” Indermuehle said.
Because owners often lack adequate space to properly work on their motorcycles, the shop presents a unique opportunity for them to get their hands dirty. With factory manuals available for most models on-site, owners have immediate access to step-by-step instructions and staff assistance.
“Some people seem a little apprehensive to work on their bike, especially if it’s the first time they’re going to do something,” he said.
To ease the anxiety, the shop offers practice tires for those who want to try it once or twice before working on their own bike.
An on-site retail shop provides essentials like spare tires and oil, making the garage a one-stop shop for any maintenance need.
This helps eliminate the common — albeit dangerous — habit of purchasing a tire at the store and riding around town with a tire around one’s waist, Indermuehle said.
Recycling facilities are also offered so owners can easily dispose of dirty oil and worn out tires.
In order to help novices with motorcycle maintenance, Privateer’s Garage holds several clinics each month to familiarize owners with their bikes.
As the booming motorcycle industry in Los Angeles is just a short trip away, the shop often invites experts to provide instruction on various aspects of bike maintenance.
“It’s hard to find a venue to learn about a motorcycle,” he said. “Most people rely on books or reading things on the Internet.”
Customers can rent out time at the shop by the hour, half-day or day.
Garage time offers free rein of every tool at the shop, including specialty wrenches and bike lifts, essential to maintaining a bike.
Discounts for military personnel are also available.
“I think it’s terrific — a great way to learn things that I didn’t know before,” said customer Pittman Wallace of Del Mar. “You become a better rider getting to know your machine.”
To learn more about Privateer’s Garage, visit


Mike Hohner April 3, 2010 at 5:53 am

Great place to do service on your bike, complete overhaul to that minor fix. Have all the tools, supplies, and support needed to complete the task. I’ll be back again and again and again!

Highly recommended.

GSF1200 April 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm


I used their garage in Mira Mesa – top notch and I know the work was done right because I DID IT MYSELF

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