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Clean Energy Alliance
Clean Energy Alliance will begin providing energy services on May 1, 2021. Courtesy photo
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Clean Energy Alliance focuses on Climate Action Plan goals

Green. Clean. Connected.

Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) is a Joint Powers Authority formed by the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach to operate a Community Choice Energy program within their communities.

Like the people who live and work in its North San Diego County service territory, CEA is environmentally conscious, civically minded and intellectually curious.

CEA’s progressive perspective on achieving its participating municipalities’ Climate Action Plan goals is rooted in local control. Elected officials from the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach—all directly accountable to the residents who chose them—govern CEA and oversee financial and programmatic decisions.

Each member city has equal voting power and an equal voice. Board meetings are open to the public, assuring community engagement, candid dialogue and transparent action.

Formed in November 2019, CEA is locally controlled and supported by ratepayers, with no taxpayer subsidies. As a Joint Powers Authority, CEA is a separate legal entity from its member cities; CEA’s budget is separate from its member cities’ general funds.

On May 1, 2021, CEA will begin providing energy services, offering residents and businesses cleaner energy, helping its member communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their Climate Action Plan goals.

Under California state law, Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach residents and businesses will be automatically enrolled into the CEA’s Clean Impact Plus 50% renewable and 75% carbon-free power supply mix.

Customers may choose to opt up into 100% renewable energy sources, opt down into 50% renewable energy sources or opt-out and return to San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) for less renewable energy sources.

Customers with self-generation systems such as rooftop solar are automatically enrolled in CEA’s Personal Impact Net Energy Metering Program, which provides a greater compensation for systems that produce more electricity than they use.

Solana Energy Alliance (SEA) customers will transition to CEA this May. Once its customers are fully transferred to CEA, Solana Beach will no longer operate SEA.

CEA is a powerful new asset for hastening the move from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. Maximizing the procurement of carbon-free energy is its focus.

By accelerating investment in renewable energy infrastructure and energy efficiency programs, CEA will generate regional jobs and cultivate resilient communities.

CEA’s service territory includes not only a robust residential customer base but also a thriving commercial and industrial sector with high-tech, life science, sport and technology hubs that will greatly benefit from the planned savings rate over the local investor-owned utility.

CEA pursues innovation with diligence and integrity.

For more information, please visit, email [email protected] or call (833) 232-3110.