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Celebrate Zero Emissions Day with Clean Energy Alliance Power Options

The Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) is a community choice energy (CCE) public entity serving the founding cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Solana Beach, with service to Escondido and San Marcos projected to begin in 2023 and Oceanside and Vista projected to begin in 2024. CEA offers an alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric with competitive prices and clean energy options while reinvesting revenues into projects and programs that benefit our members’ communities. The power options available to CEA customers include:

  • Clean Impact: 50% renewable energy content
  • Clean Impact Plus: 50% renewable energy content and 75% carbon-free product
  • Green Impact: 100% renewable energy content
  • Personal Impact: Net Energy Metering (NEM) for those that generate their own solar or wind power.

This year, in honor of Zero Emission Day, CEA encourages customers to reduce their carbon emissions on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. This is a day focused on protecting the environment from harmful emissions by utilizing zero-emission engines, motors, bicycles, or other non-polluting energy sources.

Looking for a good place to start lowering your carbon footprint and emissions? Look no further than right at home! Consider switching to a renewable energy source to power your home, like CEA’s 100% renewable energy option Green Impact. Using renewable energy produces fewer emissions than other power sources and lowers emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.

If you haven’t yet switched to renewable energy for your home, there are other ways to observe Zero Emissions Day and help lower emissions, including:

  • Don’t idle your car. Letting your car run can use a half gallon of fuel per hour. That means you are wasting 3 cents for every minute you idle. If you are parked for more than 10 seconds, it is more fuel efficient to turn off your vehicle while waiting.
  • Pack light when you head out on road trips. For every 100 extra pounds of luggage in your vehicle, your fuel costs go up about 3 cents per gallon. If you have to attach a luggage rack to the top of your vehicle, your fuel economy can decrease by up to 25% due to wind drag. Try to pack light and keep your luggage inside the car or trunk.
  • Be sure that your car is up to date with its maintenance. Issues with spark plugs, dragging brakes, sagging belts or transmission can cause fuel economy problems. Fixing serious maintenance problems can increase mileage by up to 40%.
  • One of the best things you can do to improve fuel economy is to choose a vehicle according to your needs. For example, choosing a small hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle can help achieve better gas mileage and are easier to maneuver.

The Clean Energy Alliance encourages you to continue lowering your emissions in any way you can on Zero Emissions Day and every other day of the year! To read more about CEA’s energy options visit: