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The city of Carlsbad announced Sunday rules for campaign signs. Courtesy photo
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Carlsbad announces campaign sign rules

On Sunday the city of Carlsbad’s rules for signs during campaign season kicked in.

More signs are allowed on private property and signs are allowed along certain public roads through Nov. 13, five days following Election Day on Nov. 8.

At a Glance

“Noncommercial” signs, which include political and campaign signs, are allowed year round on private property. Free speech is your right.

During campaign season the amount of signage allowed on private property increases, and signs are allowed on the areas (“right of way”) along most major roads and streets in commercial areas of the city.

Rules are enforced by the city’s code compliance officers. Residents can call with questions or concerns, seven days a week, at (760) 602-2703.

The city has a one-page summary of these sign rules on its website, including total square footage of signs allowed on private property and a map showing the public streets where signs are allowed. Other campaign season sign rules include:

  • Signs on private property must be set back five feet from the property line.
  • Signs in the city’s right of way along streets may not be attached to utility poles or boxes, road signs, trash cans, traffic signals, trees, other signs or bus benches.
  • Signs may not block any other permitted sign, obstruct public access, such as sidewalks, or block vehicle visibility.
  • A permit is required for signs in the city’s right of way, but not for signs on private property. The permit fee is $60, which covers all signs from a single campaign or organization. For information on how to get a permit, call (760) 602-4610.

Public Forum Areas

Certain areas outside City Hall and the libraries, parks, and public sidewalks and streets are “public forum areas.” The rules stay the same for these areas year round, and a permit is not required:

  • Individuals must hold a sign or stay within five feet of the sign at all times.
  • Signs can’t obstruct traffic, a bike lane or a sidewalk. Cars, bikes and people must be able to safely pass by your sign.
  • The maximum total size of a sign or signs is 10 square feet per person.
  • The maximum size of a sign or signs attended by two or more people is 50 square feet.
  • Signs cannot be inflatable or use an air blower.

Code officers will remove signs on city property that violate the city’s sign laws. Generally speaking, illegal signs on city property will be removed as soon as they are found, either through a complaint or by staff in the field. The city will store the signs for 30 days.

Owners may make arrangements to claim their signs by calling (760) 602-2703. If signs are not claimed after 30 days, the city will discard the signs.

The city will enforce illegal signs on private property through its code compliance process, which includes sending a notice of violation to the affected property owner.

The city will respond to reports of illegal signs seven days a week during the campaign season.  The code compliance line is monitored regularly, so please leave a message that includes the exact location of the sign. Individuals can also send an email with a photo to [email protected].

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Pickup Youtrash October 11, 2016 at 12:22 pm

Yeah? And what about picking up all of the abandoned garbage signs that float around the streets like trash? The candidates put a ton of effort getting signs posted, and little to no known effort going back and collecting them. And they end up as street trash or trash in abandon lots. La Costa avenue is gross before and after for months.

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