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Always wanted to donate? Now is the perfect time

Many people find themselves at the year’s end having sold assets or stocks, real estate and find themselves with major financial gains, which carry major tax consequences.

Many will receive advice from attorney or accountants that one important way to do a lot of good with those profits is to donate to your charity of choice.

What you donate to charity will not be taxed.  Often older people have always wanted to make donations to their favorite causes…and here is the perfect opportunity.

Old Mission San Luis Rey is 216 years old and in constant need of preservation and restoration.

The Historic Foundation created to help with this cause outlined a number of needs at their recent board meeting.

The famous School of Theology always located at Berkley has recently been relocated to the Old Mission.

That school now operates in association with the University of San Diego.  Creating enough space to house the additional Friars has created a major funding problem.

There are now 29 Friars in residence at this old mission putting major stress in the infrastructure with plumbing and electrical parts needing constant upgrade.

This creates a stressful financial burden.

There is no heating in most of this 216-year-old adobe building so the need is great.

One of the major undertakings by this Foundation is the restoration of the Lavanderia, an area where the Native Americans did their laundry and bathed and the Mormon Brigade camped there when they arrived in California.

Donations may be made to the Old Mission Historic Foundation or directly to Old Mission San Luis Rey.  Please go to our web sites to check us out.

And, if you do not choose to donate to this Old Mission please do consider donating to your favorite charity, they are all in such need especially those assisting our Warriors.

But, check out the charity to be sure it is worthy and creditable.  Giving is one of life’s greatest joys.

Mary Steiger is a board member for the Old Mission San Luis Rey Historic Foundation