Thomas D. Elias

PUC can redeem itself: Charge Edison

More consumerism from the California Public Utilities Commission — that was a fond hope of at least some of the voters who gave Jerry Brown a rare third term in the governor’s office.

‘GOP: Cosmetic change is all we need’

As the election neared last year and it became clear that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney could not possibly win without more Latino support than he had so far earned, the national GOP made a symbolic move.

Constitutional crisis coming over prisons?

Rarely since the Civil War have state officials anywhere in America been as close to openly defying federal authority as Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature are today.

LNG exports could hurt California recovery

California’s recovery has led the nation for months in producing new jobs, even though it hasn’t yet come close to replacing all those lost in the Great Recession of 2009-11.

Will farm labor shortage drive immigration changes?

There has been some dispute over whether the labor shortages California farmers reported over the last few years are real. It turns out they are very real, but that doesn’t quiet the skeptics.

GOP revival will take big Orange County change

For more than half a century, the Election Night fate of California Republican candidates could be foretold early in the vote count: If a Republican emerged from Orange County with a lead of 250,000 or more votes, he or she would almost always win statewide office.

California money switches rouse voter suspicion

One reason Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax increases passed so handily last fall was that many voters became convinced that if they didn’t say yes to the new levies, the sky would fall.

The false assumption that passing taxes will be easy

Spend more than $30 million to pass a temporary tax increase proposition.

Time to get serious about Texas war on California

It’s easy to see the four-day job-poaching foray into California just completed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry as an isolated incident.

Another billionaire tries to avoid a payment

The old saw tells us that billionaires didn’t get rich by giving away money.But what about paying their fair share?