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Don’t look at me

Personal responsibility has become a languid punch line in a string of jokes that aren’t even funny anymore.
You can’t read the news lately without a blurb about someone suing a company, person, or object with the pretext being that they’re looking “beyond” the compensatory awards and the punishment becomes a perverted form of social rectification.
Like those worthless humans that thought they’d get a nice chunk of change from McDonald’s for filing a claim against the fast food giant about its nutritional deficiencies.
Hey tubby, McDonald’s didn’t force you to eat seven value meals a day. They didn’t hold a gun to your head and implore you to sit in front of the television and watch Oprah. Buy a bike and put the remote down.
I also heard about some goober who decided to sue God in an effort to bring attention to the slew of frivolous lawsuits that flood our legal system daily.
Well, I have to say I agree — to a point. But suing someone to protest frivolous litigation? That’s like having sex to promote abstinence. Or killing someone to protest the death penalty.
Another issue that obviously hits home for me is the blithering idiots who want to blame a drinking establishment or bartender if a random patron decides to drink too much and wraps his car around a pole.
They drank, they drove, they crashed. I’m sorry for everyone affected, but it has nothing to do with me.
Guess what? I’m not your mom. I’m not your priest or camp counselor. I sell legal drugs to people who utilize free will to come into my establishment and consume them. 
I’m so tired of MADD and law enforcement always pushing culpability in my hands just because I poured some idiot a glass of Jack Daniel’s. Grow up and accept that I didn’t enable anyone to do something they weren’t going to already do themselves.
We’re coddling a new generation of spineless neophytes who feel it’s justified to screw up royally and point the blame elsewhere. Scapegoat mentality is turning this country into a befuddled crew of litigious jerks praying to get their feelings hurt so as to leverage that false angst into a bloated payday at the expense of those around them.
“It’s not my fault” is a term that children use to feign innocence until they learn to accept responsibility as to become a productive adult in society. It’s a litmus test with obvious repercussions for our actions and it teaches us right from wrong on a broad scale.
Government and religion use fear of the unknown as a means of social control. Our justice system closely mimics that to the point that “eye for an eye” is yammered by every verbose lawmaker with verbal dysentery that clings desperately to hopes of re-election.
How about we just own up to what we’ve done and accept the consequences? Denial is a dandy little tool to alleviate anxiety for a person when they know they’re wrong.
Rationalize all you want but just admit it. We’ve all screwed up and learned a valuable lesson from it.
Progression and acceptance are inevitable — and a positive step in the right direction.