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Diane Mandel
Diáne Mandle and a member of the Corps of Lady Santas from the Sustainable Santa Foundation promote efforts to boost everyone’s immune system at Moonlight Beach thru use of “Healing Sounds." Courtesy photo
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Commentary: Masked Santas strike up meditative music at Moonlight

As part of a nationwide effort of the Real Santas United for Healthy Kids promoting resistance to COVID-19 through encouraging eating immune systems boosting foods, several Lady Santas from the Carlsbad-based Sustainable Santa Foundation were at the newly re-opened for surfing and jogging Moonlight Beach last week adding another element to their health promotional arsenal – healing sounds.

Led by Diáne Mandle, founder of Sound Energy Healing and the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School in Encinitas, they attempted to find solace among the surge of beach-seeking teens and millennials, most of whom were ignoring the mask-wearing and social distancing admonitions set down by the City of Encinitas.

Over the loudspeaker, a member of the Life Guards was warning the milling beachgoers to keep their “social distances” and keep moving.  “The Sheriff Officers have been called” the loudspeaker announced.  “If you do not obey the rules which just allow surfing in the ocean and actively walking and jogging the beach we will have to shut this beach down again”

To Mandle, author of International Book Award, Ancient Sounds for a New Age, who had just returned from France the differences in adherence to COVID avoidance recommendations there and here, were stark.

In France, people willingly stayed home.  If you need food or a medical prescription you are to fill out and take with you a paper stating where you are going and why logging in the time you leave home with travel limits of 1 kilometer (less than a mile) and a 1-hour time limit for being in public exposure.

Were the French just more willing to abide by their country’s national health mandates, wondered a fellow singing bowl advocate – or did they just have a better understating of how the 1918 flu killed between 50 million people to twice that amount worldwide just 102 years ago?  The current “rules” here in Encinitas are intended to avoid a repeat.

As to the value of the Singing Bowls, we know that Meditation is one of the activities that strengthen your immune system says Diáne.  The healing sounds from the bowl, however, do much more than just stimulate calmness.

They initiate the relaxation reflex and work as internal opiates gently nudging us into a visceral memory of wholeness.  Listening to the sound of the Tibetan bowls also activates the Vegas Nerve, which connects your gut to your brain; stimulating metabolism and strengthening the Pancreas yielding better absorption of important nutrients and triggering Serotonin, a neurotransmitter in your brain yielding “feelings of true happiness” and regulating your energy balance.

We, humans, are social animals and gravitate toward “togetherness,” however only through deliberate individual efforts can a person find their way to the divine reality within themselves, says Mandle.

This “isolation” moment is a wonderful time to look into yourself and energize those activities.  Even those who find traditional forms of meditation challenging can be delightfully lulled into a meditative alpha/theta brainwave state just by listening to these wonderful instruments.

Life is filled with Ups and Downs, says Mandle.  No one can escape them.  “But the ‘Ups’ should not be filled with so much pride and self-centeredness that you destroy your relationships;  and the ‘Downs’ of life should not fill you with so much depression that you lose momentum.”

Embracing the sounds from the Healing Bowls is an ideal way to find your way to the sense of balance needed to achieve self-realization because they help people recognize a wider perspective of themselves and the world.

I am so pleased the Sustainable Santa Foundation sees the benefits of addressing not only the need to Eat Real Food and maintain a sustainable lifestyle but also recognizes the way the sound energy from this ancient Tibetan custom can positively influence your four levels of existence: your physical body, as in what the stimulation of the Vegas Nerve does; your emotions, providing a sense of calmness; your Parana – which includes the breathing control of your body which affects everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure, and lastly your Mind.

Be calm, North County, says Mandle, who is a proud member of CLaS, The Corps of Lady Santas, and follow the lead of the Real Santas United – eat healthy, live sustainably, and embrace life and the inner you, which can be explored and strengthened with the help of Healing Sounds.

If you would like more information about sound healing you can contact Diáne at [email protected] or