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Zephyr Partners and The Robert Green Company: The Del Mar Resort Project

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Zephyr and The Robert Green Company want to provide a status update to the community on our engagement efforts for the Del Mar Resort. To date, we have conducted at least 15 meetings, hosted 4 community forums in Del Mar, coordinated several dozen meet and greets with hundreds of residents in Del Mar and Solana Beach, homeowner associations and local business owners – all to maximize opportunities for community input during the planning process of our proposed project, the Del Mar Resort.

As part of the City’s planning process, we recently installed story poles on the property as well as accompanying exhibit boards to convey the footprint of our proposed project. Moving forward, we plan on hosting at least 4 additional forums and meetings, including educational tours on the property and publishing a “story poles guide.” Upon conclusion of our comprehensive outreach efforts, we will thoroughly evaluate the community’s feedback prior to producing our proposal for consideration of approval next year.

The outreach sessions have been well attended and we greatly appreciate those who have participated, asked questions and provided suggestions/comments to our project team.  We are committed to hearing from the public and providing opportunities for the community to engage our project team, learn more about the proposed project and communicate their feedback. The schedule for upcoming events is posted on our website:

We look forward to working with the community in the coming months and thank you for taking the time during our planning process to help us create a sustainable, unique project that will establish public trails, open space, and safe access to the beach; gathering places for families and friends; improved mobility on and off the property; tax revenues for infrastructure and public safety for Del Mar and surrounding community as well as host of other community benefits for generations to come.

Brad Termini, on behalf of  Zephyr Partners and The Robert Green Company