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You have to be fit for your life

ENCINITAS — Understanding where we are in life requires a certain look into our past, acknowledging what roads we chose and the ones that we didn’t. As the child of two parents that grew up during the ‘60s, let’s just say, operating outside the box of conformity came easy.
Ever since I can remember, I was taught to appreciate nature and the world around me. I picked up skateboarding, riding BMX bikes, surfing and skiing. While being outdoors, I have always felt grounded and connected.
When I was 11 years old, I dreamt of owning my own store. At 16 I started a T-shirt business. I called it Ki-Ki’s Tees. I bought plain T-shirts and decorated them with paint. I drew waves, Kook Meyer, and a variety of designs. I sold them at Kobey’s Swap meet.
Since I didn’t have enough money for a business license, the business didn’t last long. Still, I dreamt of one day owning my own business. I held on to that dream, but it was definitely on the back burner.
While pregnant with my daughter, I would philosophize over what my job as a mother entailed to me and not that of an author of a parenting book. I reflected back on my life. I explored my memories of accomplishments, failures, fears, mishaps, etc. I realized that if I could focus on teaching this new child, how to be mentally and physically strong, she would have everything required to meet the life experiences that would present themselves.
The hardest thing that came with this realization was that I was going to need to possess these qualities in order to teach them to my daughter. From that notion, Encinitas Fitness was born. I had plenty of experience as an athlete, teacher, and coach. I started researching personal training and sports nutrition training, interviewing at clubs, examining franchises, etc. I wanted to create a place that took fitness outside and worked on improving the whole person. I wanted to create a workout that would give the same intensity as surfing down the face of a 6 to 8 foot wave.
I didn’t want to be another humdrum fitness studio that was built of pyramid sets and grunts. I wanted something exceptional that not only built muscle, toned abs, and increased endurance, but touched the soul and drove adrenaline. And that is exactly what I created with my daughter by my side.
After a year of searching for a storefront, I found one in the Moonlight Plaza, just two blocks from Moonlight Beach. The location was perfect! My daughter, Alia, helped me paint and my uncle Kurt Enyedi installed shelves, a fan, and more. It was a dream come true.
Two years after starting Encinitas Fitness, I was fortunate enough to have a very gifted personal trainer, triathalete, and coach want to offer her services through Encinitas Fitness. Colleen Walseth is my colleague and friend. It’s nice having someone to bounce ideas off of that understands the industry.
Claudia Yates also just joined the team. I know her from my early fitness days. At the Encinitas Fitness Studio we offer state of the art training while connecting to the individual’s needs, goals and lifestyle.
Encinitas Fitness Studio is located at 345 S. Coast Highway 101, Suite K. Please call (760) 889-3097 or visit with any questions or to schedule an appointment.