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Wasserman provides governing documents updates

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the monthly Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) board meeting, board member Fred Wasserman, who is also the chair of the governing documents committee, provided a range of updates. From current proposed amendments to future ones, Wasserman kept the board and members present abreast of the happenings.

While the governing documents committee will officially be reconvening in July to tackle the condo owners voting rights issue, Wasserman indicated how they are already taking early initial steps in that direction.

According to Wasserman, letters have been mailed to the condominium owners in each of their associations within the Covenant. In the letter, the RSFA is requesting certain information needed so when the committee reconvenes in July, they will have the pertinent documents on hand in order to move forward toward the efforts in giving condo owners a vote.

Wasserman wanted everyone to know that obviously any amendments to the bylaws or articles would go out to the membership for a vote in the decision making process.

“Somewhat disheartening, we found out that several of the associations didn’t have anybody voting now. And they have two people they can designate,” Wasserman said. “I would think that they’d want to get their people to vote.”

Wasserman hoped that these condo associations would take part in the voting process.

As for an update on the proposed governing documents amendments, Wasserman said, both the bylaws and the articles were nearly completed. Legal review was expected to be completed within the week.

“The committee will once again review every page and every word,” he said, adding how the board will also have an opportunity review them. “And then we will probably post these on the website so that you will have a chance to look at them and give us your comments.”

The first phase of these proposed amendments will be up for a membership vote in May — the same ballot in electing new board members for the RSFA. Major amendment highlights include removing the process in requiring residents to register to vote, giving each property two votes, and eliminating the nominating committee.

“We’ve made a lot of changes in these documents,” said Wasserman, adding how when one change was made more changes needed to be made in the following pages. “It’s really an updated document that the Association can be very proud of when it is completed.”

Wasserman described the changes as nothing “remarkable,” but there would be a summary sheet explaining to members what the proposed changes were because the document does have numerous red lines, which may be challenging to read.