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Vista CrossFit owners loan equipment during stay-at-home order

After 10 years in operation, the owners of CrossFit Trifecta in Vista temporarily closed their doors mid-March following the increased spread of the coronavirus that prompted elected officials to force mandatory gym closures and order residents to stay at home.

But the owners of the first CrossFit box in Vista, Tommy Pease and Andrea Recio, didn’t just close their business to their more than 100 members. Prior to the closure, the couple loaned out equipment to their members and promised to program in-home workouts at no cost.

“We are a community in and out of the gym, and we are looking at this as an opportunity to start healthy habits,” Pease, a long-time CrossFit coach and former professional competitor, said. “This will be a fun time to see our community come through even stronger.”

Pease said it was difficult to close his business after more than a decade in operation, but felt it was important to contribute to the safety of the community. Elected officials, scientists and medical professionals urged the public to socially distance themselves from others in an effort to slow the spread of the disease that has killed thousands around the world. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a stay-at-home order that closed all businesses except those considered as “essential.”

The mandatory business closure was a difficult one to make, especially for a small business owner, Pease said.

“This affects us tremendously,” Pease said. “Being small business owners, we eat, sleep and breathe this gym. We are sad that we had to shut outdoors after 10 years, but completely understand the safety amongst our members.”

However, Pease and his wife, Recio, said they hope to keep their CrossFit community connected to each other with their online programs designed for in-home workouts. The couple, who live in Carlsbad, are also encouraging members to post photos and videos of their workout to social media in an effort to inspire others.

“It’s a new area for us to do online programming since we are driven to have community with CrossFit workouts,” said Recio, whose gym has about 10 employees and also offers children’s classes. “Remote training will just show how much drive and dedication our members have when they participate in showing their WODs (workouts) through social media.”

Although many gyms have posted in-home workout videos online, Pease and Recio said they chose to take the extra step of loaning pricey equipment to their members to help them stay “motivated and accountable” in their health goals during the difficult time.

“We have the trust of our members and want to still support their fitness challenges,” Recio said. “It is extra work but we know they all appreciate it.”

More importantly, Recio said she hopes this bit of generosity from her and her husband will help others during the pandemic.

“I hope the members or anyone who follows us finds their motivation,” Recio said. “People find it difficult to find the time to walk Into the gym, let alone now when you can not walk into any gym. We hope nothing stops the momentum.”

The couple also hopes to someday soon return to their gym where their 100-plus members meet daily for challenging workouts — perhaps in a few months, the owners and their members will be stronger than before as well, Recio said.

“Tommy and I are very hopeful after this temporary closure, life will go back to normal and everyone will come back with stronger and healthier habits,” Recio said.

For more information about CrossFit Trifecta, go to To follow the couple’s in-home workout programs, follow the business on Instagram @crossfittrifecta.

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