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Two juveniles in custody after multiple armed robberies

OCEANSIDE — Two juvenile males, both ageS 17, were taken into custody on Oct. 27, after allegedly committing a string of armed robberies at repeated locations in Oceanside and Vista.

The two males were taken into custody by an Oceanside police officer after fleeing the scene of their latest alleged robbery.

The officer was conducting surveillance nearby and responded to an alarm call from the 7-Eleven on Oceanside Boulevard.

When he arrived he identified the two juveniles getting into their car from earlier robbery photos, and pulled them over on a traffic violation.

Upon inspection of their vehicle the officer found a loaded handgun, two realistic looking BB guns, masks, clothing and a plastic bag, which led to them to being taken into custody.

The juveniles, who are residents of Oceanside and Vista, allegedly robbed the same 7-Eleven on four previous occasions. Prior robberies occurred on Sept. 8, Sept. 27, Oct. 8 and Oct. 13.

They are also suspected of robbing two AM/PM markets in Vista, one on Oct. 19 and another on Oct.21.

Most robberies took place in the early morning hours between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

In all of the incidents the suspects pointed a handgun at the store clerk and asked for money. Cash and sometimes alcohol was taken.

Officer Kathleen Vincent said the 7-Eleven store did not add extra security after repeated morning robberies, but absorbed the loss as part of being open 24/7.

Oceanside police did step up area patrol and surveillance, which led to the suspects being apprehended.

“That’s why he (the officer) got there so fast, he was parked around corner,” Vincent said.

Both males were taken to Juvenile Hall in San Diego. There is no update on charges at this time.