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Tutoring year after year? Why not stop the vicious cycle?


Have you ever explained something a second time to your child and he still didn’t “get it”?

If your child is struggling to grasp information even when it is explained many times, hiring a tutor to
redeliver that same information yet again isn’t the solution!  Instead, change your child’s ability to grasp and process information the first time it’s presented!

Ask yourself how many years your child has needed a tutor to “get through” a class?  Is he or she really making any progress towards becoming an independent learner?  The answer to that is NO!  At Encinitas Learning RX Center, we use research-based programs consisting of customized mental exercises, done one-on-one with a personal brain trainer over the school year.  The “personal training” aspect of what we do is the key to our life changing results.

If you are asking “But what about getting the homework done?”, we absolutely can do that as well in 1.5 hour sessions that employ a three pronged approach; one: brain training, two: immediate homework, three: preparing for upcoming tests or long term projects.  This way, your child comes home with everything done for the day and a chance to rest and regroup for the next school day knowing they are prepared to do his or her very best.

Call for an initial Screening Assessment and record review and let us break this circle of hand-holding “learned helplessness” for good. 760-634-6886.