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Trio to answer for violent party assault

CARLSBAD — Three young men accused of a group beating at a Cinco de Mayo party will have to stand trial for their alleged violent assault on a partygoer, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled July 15.
Ryan James Bickle, 19; Sean Patrick Mcinerrney, 22; and Cole Jeffrey Snyder, 19, are each charged with assault likely to cause great bodily injury and battery with serious bodily injury, both felonies, for their alleged drunken assault on Richard Gillberg, 27, at a house party in the 200 block of Juniper Avenue in Carlsbad.
Allegations of personally inflicting great bodily injury, which add a strike for the crime, are attached to the defendants’ assault charge, Deputy District Attorney Robert Eacret said outside the courtroom. Additionally, if convicted, the trio, who have no prior criminal record, could face up to eight years in prison.
Superior Court Judge Joan Weber denied the defendants’ attorneys request to have the charges reduced to a misdemeanor due to their clients’ ages, lack of criminal record and evidence. In denying their request, Weber said this was a “serious attack,” and while she could understand the charges being reduced in the future, she believed right now the trio needs to be held accountable for their violent actions.
The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges. A fourth defendant, Ryan Tyler Greenhalgh, 19, had the aforementioned charges against him dropped midway through the preliminary hearing after evidence showed mistaken identification.
Prosecutors allege the trio beat, kicked and dragged Gillberg from the house through the street approximately 160 feet.
Gillberg said he was at the residence that evening with his girlfriend, Kimberly Thomas, at the request of the couple’s friend, whose parents owned the condo. When the couple arrived they said their friend’s younger brother was having a party.
After about an hour and a half, Mcinerrney approached Gillberg and told him he had to leave, the victim testified. Gillberg, who was admittedly “buzzed” from drinking throughout the evening, said he was confused why he was told to leave. “I don’t like people telling me what to do,” Gillberg said.
After refusing to leave until he talked to his friend, Mcinerrney punched Gillberg in the face and then Bickle and Cole grabbed him from behind and the trio proceeded to assault Gillberg.
Gillberg sustained chipped teeth, a broken nose and bruised face from the attack.
Thomas collaborated Gillberg’s testimony about how the fight began, except that she believed after Mcinerrney hit Gillberg he was then pushed outside by Bickle and Cole.
All three defendants remain out of custody on $130,000 bail. Their next scheduled court appearance is an Aug. 14 readiness conference.
Weber set a trial date for Oct. 29.