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Treat your whole self with ‘Kind’ loving care


ENCINITAS — It’s no secret that when you look your best, you feel your best. Dr. Georgine Nanos of Kind Health Group understands this and helps her patients achieve balance through health and wellness for the whole individual — inside and out.

Dr. Georgine Nanos
Dr. Georgine Nanos

Nanos has been a practicing family physician in San Diego for the last 15 years. She recently opened the doors to Kind Health Group in Encinitas, which offers a dynamic model of health care emphasizing preventive care through nutrition, mental health and physical care.

The relationship Nanos forms with her patients is possible because of Kind Connected Care, a subscription-based medical practice which reframes the current standard health care model in favor of a smaller, personalized practice. Nanos can fill in the gaps left in between annual or biannual checkups with intensive health coaching and active monitoring of wearable devices. “We also have fewer patients than a traditional practice so it’s easier to get an appointment, the appointments are longer and they are more comprehensive,” she said.

“We spend a lot of time with our patients to give them a total health education,” Nanos said. “The connection built with our patients helps us get to the root cause of illness, but it also allows me to understand their needs and desires for their overall health and develop a customized plan for how they can achieve their goals.”

Kind Health Group’s mission is to help patients find balance within all areas. “If they’re committed to taking care of their body, many of our patients also want to take care of their outward appearance. Over the course of my medical career, I’ve seen numerous patients get aesthetic treatments with inconsistent results. My goal with Kind Health Group is to provide a clinically safe, comfortable and state of the art aesthetic experience,” Nanos said.

Kind Health Group offers a wide range of aesthetic medical services using injectables and the latest laser technology to help patients look and ultimately feel their best, now and for years to come. “Much of what we treat aesthetically is damage from the sun compounded by the normal aging process” Nanos said. “Here in San Diego, men and women are exposed to the sun daily from a young age. Our patients leave Kind Health Group with top-of-the-line, medical-grade products for ongoing skincare and protection. But for damage that has already occurred, we have advanced lasers and protocols to immediately address and reverse that damage.”

Kind Health Group laser technology also works for fractional skin resurfacing, removing wrinkles and smoothing out fine lines, minimizing surgical and acne scars and even stretch marks and unwanted hair. “Ours is one of the newest lasers on the market. It gives impressive results with very little down time,” Nanos said. “With our laser, you can return to work or go out with friends tha same day.”

Another popular treatment at Kind Health Group is SculpSure. “I’m not a proponent of taking short cuts when it comes to weight loss,” Nanos said. “Mindful nutrition with whole foods, vigorous exercise, stress reduction and sleeping well are all crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. But even if you’re doing everything right, sometimes there are stubborn areas like the belly and thighs that hold on to fat. SculpSure is perfect for those people. This is not a weight-loss device. It’s best suited for people who are already at their ideal weight. It melts fat permanently and takes just two or three 25-minute treatments to see optimal results.”

As a female physician, women’s health has always been central to Nanos’ practice. For those experiencing vaginal issues commonly associated with menopause or childbirth, the MonaLisa Touch laser has vastly improved their quality of life. “This laser reverses menopausal symptoms as well as those in postpartum women or women experiencing drops in estrogen levels, including incontinence, vaginal dryness, painful sex and urinary discomfort,” Nanos said.  MonaLisa Touch helps tighten and restores collagen and elastin. “I’m most excited to able to offer this significant breakthrough in women’s health — for all women — but particularly for women who have experienced gynecological cancers and can’t take hormone therapy to relieve their symptoms,” Nanos said.

 “My passion for medicine and caring for people immediately comes to life when you walk through the doors of Kind Health Group,” says Nanos. Everyone is invited to visit the team at Kind Health Group for a free consultation to experience medicine as it should be. They are located at 351 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 220 in Encinitas. For more information about Kind Connected Care and the full range of services and treatments offered visit or call (760) 701-KIND (5463).