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There’s always next year

I wanted to start out with “How ‘bout those Aztecs?” and I still could, but I am more inclined to go with “There is no joy in Mudville.”The San Diego State Aztec basketball team has had a really glorious season but that strange magic that seems to always strike during March Madness just struck our opponents from Florida. Like every SDSU alum and fan, I am delighted that the Aztecs showed their stuff in front of national television as part of the NCAA tournament. That is always awesome and an impressive end to a stellar season, however far they go. It can’t hurt future recruiting, either.

But I am sad, contemplating the misery that went on in the SDSU locker room and the living rooms of several of my friends and SDSU boosters Sunday, as the TV coverage focused on the Florida Gulf Coast team. Boy, once you lose, you just drop out of sight. Would it have killed them to do one interview with the Aztec coach or something?

Meanwhile, I remain jubilant that the Aztecs soundly beat Oklahoma University. Why? Well, every woman out there will understand. Back when, I briefly dated a fellow from OU. He was a cad and a lout. And so, for eternity, the entire college must suffer my wrath. What better reason for taking sides in athletics?

I also have to admit that coverage of the FGCU players after their big win was adorable. The players are so young, so amazed at their success, so unpretentious in their exhilaration, it was a joy to watch. And they did make history as the lowest seeded team to get that far in the tournament. It adds that something special to the upcoming games that even I, the fairest of fair-weather sports fans, will find watchable.

But as a proud graduate of San Diego State University, let me add my congratulations to our rockin’ basketball season. The fans had a blast and I believe, this is where we say, “Next year, baby. Next year!”

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer and second generation Aztec. Contact her at [email protected].