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BattleMage Brewing
BattleMage, the Vista brewery where the Dungeons & Dragons crowd hangs out, is an example of a business setting itself apart. Photo courtesy of BattleMage Brewing
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Theme brewery has winning battle plan

There are 152 breweries in San Diego County, and most do little to stand out from the crowd.

Concrete floors, industrial park locations, picture windows showing tanks. Sound familiar? 

Some have dogs or ducks in the bathroom, others give tours. Most have a food truck nearby to stifle your hunger pangs.

Then my daughter invited me to BattleMage, the Vista brewery where the Dungeons & Dragons crowd hangs out.

For those unfamiliar with it, D&D is a fantasy, tabletop role-playing game based on medieval times and tales. It has heroes, wizards, thieves, goblins, castles and (naturally) dragons. 

And though I don’t play, my fondness for “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” provides me enough credibility to pass muster.

With swords, battle maces, shields and every other imaginable tool, weapon and fantastical creature on full display, this tiny brewery tucked into Vista’s remotest corner is run by some of the most personable, friendly and knowledgeable brew masters it’s been my pleasure to meet. 

These folks strive to be different and welcome others who are different. It’s become one of the few breweries I go out of my way to return to.

Consider that. With dozens of choices, I repeatedly opt for BattleMage. True, they just won the Gold in the World Beer Cup® for their Summon Ifrit Amber, meaning they have the best amber beer in the world. 

But I’m more of a hefeweizen guy. So their Chocobo Hef beer aside, for me it’s the atmosphere, people and feelings of camaraderie and acceptance that keep me coming back.

When not chatting with the beertenders or nerdy patrons, I take my battleax taster flight board, study the wall full of Magic: The Gathering cards and revel in a world of make-believe inhabited by some of the most real people you’ll ever encounter.

Regardless of your industry, you’ve got competition and need to set yourself apart. As you’re looking for ways to grow your own business, remember this combination of personalized customer service, high-quality products and a business personality that appeals to the right customer profile. 

It can be enough to repeatedly lure clientele of all ages to spend money within your halls. And it’s a lesson we can all benefit from in the never-ending battle for customer sales.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

Join me for a beer sometime.

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