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Phillip Milgram, MD, is a board-certified physician in practice for 40 years. Courtesy photo
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‘The NAD MD,’ right here in Carlsbad, changes lives with natural treatment

CARLSBAD — You may have heard of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), since it has become acknowledged as a revolutionary breakthrough in medicine. It is popular among the age reversal, nutrition-minded and “bio-hacking” community. Already present in every animal and plant cell, NAD is responsible for cell energy and fueling most metabolic reactions in the body including DNA repair. The effective part of the vitamin B3-Niacin particle, when given intravenously it is a revolutionary treatment that has transformed thousands of people’s lives. The state-of-the art administration of NAD and other proven age-reversal therapies, is now at the offices of Phillip Milgram, MD, on Carlsbad Village Drive.

Dr. Milgram is known as “The NAD MD.” As a board-certified physician in practice for 40 years, he remains as one of the most innovative natural therapy physicians and experts in nutrition and detoxification, offering treatments on the cutting edge of medicine and surgery.

Dr. Milgram believes that “NAD is the greatest advance in medicine since Fleming invented penicillin. For age reversal, Dr. Milgram also offers other safe and proven therapies, and participates in clinical trials of some of the newest and still experimental therapies.

He has been practicing preventive medicine, early detection of disease, nutritional therapies and individualized programs of nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, IV Vitamin therapies, and prescribes Metformin, Dasatinib, Quercitin, Senolytics Phosphatidylcholine, and other nutritional therapies.

The co-founder and owner of the NAD Treatment Center in San Diego, Dr. Milgram no longer works as the NAD Treatment Center. Dr. Milgram moved his operations back to Carlsbad, where he started, and is practicing as the NAD MD on Carlsbad Village Drive.

NAD is also a game-changer for chronic degenerative diseases, like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Parkinson’s disease, many neurodegenerative diseases and brain aging. Also NAD is absolutely safe in thousands of infusions. Known as “brain restoration” therapy, Dr. Milgram states “a newborn infant’s brain miraculously develops from this disconnected mass of neurons to being able to walk and talk in a year, largely because it has a huge amount of NAD (just like iron for the baby, the natural preference is to the baby which accumulates the NAD) which cause the neurons to reach out and connect with other neurons. As you age, your body’s NAD falls by 50% every 20 years. When you flood the body with NAD; older brain cells, which have become isolated or disconnected, damaged or diseased, become activated like an infant’s brain and reach out to connect to other nerve cells. When adding other nutritional and neuro-connectivity therapies; there are major neuro-regenerative, neuroplastic, neuro-reparative effects which are quite astounding in a short period of time. We are actually integrating the brain and creating new brain circuitry.”

With individualized assessment and directed natural, complementary, alternative and innovative concomitant therapies added to the treatment plan, “NAD MD” is changing people’s lives: safely and with incredible results. You can see some of these testimonials on his website,

NAD has proven to make significant effect in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

One article was written with 11,000 patients treated for their alcohol and drug addiction from South Africa in 1961. More than 90% of the patients were cured of their alcoholism or addiction.

Give your loved one addict one more chance with this revolutionary natural treatment. NAD has shown incredible sustained recovery, no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings, and with a very low relapse rate.

Call Dr. Milgram’s office at (760) 944-9200.