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The importance of routine eye exams

CARLSBAD — You may have never thought about how easy it is for you to read the words on this page. That’s because your eyes are probably doing the job pretty well.
Consider the fact that over 80 percent of what you learn comes in through your eyes. That says a lot about the importance of vision in learning. You may be one of the 42 percent of Americans who don’t wear corrective lenses. If so, congratulations!
However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a vision-related problem. More than likely, you’re one of the 90 million Americans who are overdue for an eye examination. A recent study showed that more people got their cars tuned in the past year than their eyes examined.
The act of seeing may seem automatic for you, so taking your eyes for granted is an easy thing to do. We are born with two eyes that, for the most part, are fully functional at birth. However, the complex function of vision, which involves the processing and understanding of visual input, also requires learning.
This learning happens over the first decade of life, and if it doesn’t occur, a child’s development is impaired. Humans are visually-directed creatures; our eyes are our most important connection with our world.
Vision problems are often not painful and are usually slow to develop. Many of the problems that occur are preventable, not just by reading letters on a chart once a year or eating a lot of carrots, but by taking a little extra time to learn about your eyes and how they work.
A vision problem may start with occasional blurriness or a dull headache after reading for a short period of time. Or, you may have trouble seeing distant objects such as road signs at night. Your eyes may burn a bit or feel dry occasionally. Or, you may notice in the mirror that they look different. Fortunately, even if something does go wrong, you can usually correct the problem if you act quickly. There is such a thing as preventive eye care, and it’s easier than you may think.
Hopefully, regular eye exams can troubleshoot any vision problems that may come up and you’ll be seeing clearly for your entire lifetime.
Contact Dr. Jeffrey Anshel at Poinsettia Vision Center at (760) 931-1390 to schedule an eye exam. Poinsettia Vision Center is located at 7040 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 110 (Poinsettia Village) in Carlsbad.