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The importance of being earnest in our friendships

Oscar Wilde once said, “A true friend stabs you in the front.”  Originally, I was planning on sharing an over-the-top sappy friendship quote. However, after reading Wilde’s quote, I redirected my thoughts on the subject of friendship.
Figuring out the darker shades in our relationships is just as important as highlighting the sunny sides, too. So, I read a few more quotes from all sorts of famous, important dead people that have made lasting impacts on society, like Thomas Jefferson to Helen Keller to Aristotle. I became quite inspired by their insights on why we need and have friends in our lives. Then I stumbled across this quote by Saint Jerome, which struck a nerve with me. “The friendship that can cease has never been real.”
So, here is my question to you. Do you have enough courage to be honest with your feelings if that means risking a friendship?
If we don’t have the nerve to be real in our most intimate circles, than why bother faking it? Life is too short to be boggled down by unwanted drama and those that do not truly care for the “real you.”  Yes, I have had my heart broken by close friends in the past. However, over time I have learned to be wise and less needy for useless acquaintance-ships. Quality versus quantity, right? Here is one last quote by author Samuel Paterson that pretty much says it perfectly: “Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.”
Now let’s focus on some “live individuals” here locally under the eucalyptus trees that appear to be having a “storybook summer.”
Around Town
On July 9, Karian Forsyth celebrated her birthday in high style under a perfect blue sky in The Crosby. I do believe all of the clouds disappeared just for Karian’s special day!  I’m sure you recognize Mrs. Forsyth as one of my featured regulars in my column. What’s wonderful about Karian is that she has the gift of making you feel like a celebrity. All of her guests are spoiled and pampered without exception. The women that attended enjoyed exotic salads and appetizers, while sipping champagne poolside. There was even a Hollywood Psychic giving personal readings for anyone that was brave enough to find out their future. (You can count me out on that one!) Oxygen Medical Spa was also on deck pampering the ladies with the latest facial treatments. Here are a few photos from that day. Happy birthday to one lovely woman that is definitely my “real” friend and I feel I am blessed to be in her inner circle. For more information on Oxygen Medical Spa, check out
On July 10, I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my husband, Robin Shull. We managed to squeeze in a quick “getaway” to Laguna Hills the night before. On our way back to San Diego, we stopped at one of my favorite beach towns — San Clemente. And, what’s a romantic couple to do on a Sunday there? Enjoy sipping some of the best hot tea and eat crumpets together, while holding hands. I’m being a bit ridiculous, but yes, that’s what we did.
We also met a lovely student/waitress, Erica Shrader. Her charm and warm personality was honestly such a delight. If you need a quiet adventure with your loved one or your girlfriends, this is worth the trip up the coast. From Rancho Santa Fe, I would say it’s only 40 minutes away. Here is more information on my favorite teahouse — I have featured a cute photo of Robin with the lovely Erica we met from that day. Yes, I am a trusting woman!
On July 15, The Gallagher and Gallagher Team enjoyed a wonderful fashion show luncheon at the Paradise Grill in the Flower Hill Promenade. The fashion show was sponsored by “Ranch and Coast Magazine” and featured “TRE Clothing” and “Fairen Del.” The lovely models wore race track fashions accentuated with the classic hats to preempt the beginning of race track season in Del Mar. Featured here are four lovely women, including one of my favorite blondes from the Ranch, Mrs. Elaine Gallagher.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo from that day, Elaine. A portion of the proceeds went to the Jenna Druck Foundation, which is also known as the Center for Community Solutions.
On July 20, Opening Day at the Del Mar racetrack clogged the 5 freeway from both directions. If you were lucky on that day, you had a driver or you arrived by limousine. Otherwise, you were one of many fighting for a parking spot, then schlepping to the track in your heels across the dirt parking lots…that is if you happen to be a female attending the races that day (men’s shoes appear to be easier to navigate across the dirt lots).
Just thought I would throw a little reality from my own personal experiences in from the past.
My great friend Bianca and Tony Macaluso invited us to attend their private box. Unfortunately, this year and recent time off prevented both us from making it that day. Here are some gorgeous photos from their luxurious day at the races. They also celebrated their one-year anniversary at the beginning of July. Eat your heart out “Brangelina.”
Save The Date
Mark your calendars for the CD release of local celebrity singer, Sacha Boutros for Sept. 22 at “Anthology,” starting at 7:30 p.m. Sacha sings locally here in San Diego, and is booked world-wide on tours from Europe to Japan.
She was also listed at one of the top 10 jazz musicians in the U.S. in 2008.
I attended Sacha’s CD release a couple years back and it was a smashing evening. If you love jazz, trust me, you won’t want to miss this event!  
For more information on other local performances, here is her website information: