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Carlsbad’s Tatum Bless, 13, launches her bracelet business in November to help combat world hunger. Courtesy photo
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Teen starts business to help stamp out hunger

CARLSBAD — One bracelet at a time.

That has been the philosophy of a budding business owner as she engages in the struggle against hunger.

Tatum Bless, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Aviara Oaks Middle School, launched Bless’ Bracelets in November with the goal of selling $500 worth of merchandise to buy a case of seeds to send to people in Third World countries.

The seeds vary in crops, but can bring a yield of five tons of food.

Bless’ hobby of making bracelets turned entrepreneurial in October after an event with Stop Hunger Now through her church. From there, she has steadily grown her clientele to include friends and family.

But to reach her goal, Bless is taking to social media to spread her message.

“It really inspired me to make a difference and help people who are starving,” she said. “I started making my website and figured out how we wanted to make the bracelets.”

Admittedly, Bless hasn’t approached the long-term goals, although if the orders keep coming, she will continue to produce her product.

“Hopefully we can find other people to help,” she said. “It’s been kind of a slow start, but we’ve raised maybe $50 to $100.”

As for the bracelets, Bess, and sometimes with the help of her mother, can whip out one in about 10 minutes. She included a color scheme after researching the meanings.

However, Bless’ scheme matches what is in tune with her own personality and morals.

She also offers 20 variations, which range from $9.50 to $11.50 or customers can choose between 11 Mayan bracelets valued at $18.

“I just figured out what I wanted my brand to be and went from there,” Bless said.

Even in her spare time, Bless is driven toward philanthropic work. She’s part of the National Charity League, a mother-daughter organization where the ladies work in tandem with various charities.

“You can feed the elderly and you can help a resale store at a pet clinic and stuff like that,” Bless said.

To view and purchase a bracelet, visit

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Janet Bourque January 25, 2016 at 1:40 pm

Thank you for publishing this inspiring story. Tatum is a good example of the leadership, initiative and kind hearts of many of today’s youth.
The money Tatum raises will be donated to Seed Programs International, an excellent non profit that is providing seeds around the world so that people can grow their own food.

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