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Tea Time honors students from Horizon Prep School

RANCHO SANTA FE — The library at Horizon Prep School was filled with books, parents, Easter eggs and students being honored for their writing skills on March 18.
Mrs. Hendrickson, school librarian, hosted a quarterly Author’s Tea, whereby students are chosen by their teachers to be honored for work that is above grade level or has dramatically improved.
“This is a huge honor,” Hendrickson said. “This is the biggest group ever.”
Students from kindergarten through eighth grade were chosen by their teachers.
Kindergarten students only participate twice a year, so it was an even bigger honor for these youngsters.
Subjects ranged from “Why we shouldn’t step on ants” to “What I would do as president.”
After each student read his or her winning essay, family members were on hand to celebrate the occasion.
The theme was Easter and chocolate bunnies were abundant as were Easter eggs, candy ducks, and even some healthy sushi.
Students being honored were:
— Kindergarteners Holly Horat, Isabelle Monroy and Jake Simms
— First-graders Grace Burnitz and Emilie Mena
— Second-graders Rankin Poage and Ryan Aschbrenner
— Third-graders John Shreckengaust and Will Hillard
— Fourth-graders Antonio Partida and Chloe Razink
— Fifth-graders Noah Martin and Courtney Conway
— Sixth-grader Anastasia Armendariz
— Seventh-grader Keely Thompson
— Eighth-grader Chase Paisley-Sparlin