Ken Leighton

Inside Oceanside: How many Walmarts does it take?

Aim low. You’re sure to hit.

Inside Oceanside: Will new supervisor be an ‘Oceansider’?

The County of San Diego is divided into five districts. In the northernmost 5th district, Oceanside is by far the largest city.

Inside Oceanside: Here today, gone tomorrow for some

Inside Oceanside: Here today, gone tomorrow for some

Pizzeria Venti came and went-y.

Inside Oceanside: Becoming a ‘foodie’ town?

Oceanside was never known as a “foodie” town. Not until Roddy Browning opened the Flying Pig a couple of years ago did any local restaurant get rave reviews by food critics who mattered.

OUSD goes to Washington

OUSD goes to Washington

Sure the North County Times doesn’t exist anymore. And yes the new U-T regime has drastically cut the news staff that covers North County.

Column: You’re now entering the development zone

Welcome to the development form the Twilight Zone.

Column: The wrong kind of attraction?

The Main Attraction is a thriving business that employs some 60 people. But even though it’s right across the street from the Chamber of Commerce, you won’t find any mention of it in the Chamber’s Business Directory.

Column: Sometimes they listen

Some citizens talk too much at city council meetings. They somehow are authorities on everything.