Encinitas City Council

The meaning of good governance

As I look forward to the November Encinitas City Council election, I think about the meaning of good governance, which I see as a nonpartisan goal that serves our community.

Encinitas City Council discusses recordings of public comments

ENCINITAS — The City Council agreed to tweak its policy in the way it records public comments in the official minutes during Wednesday’s meeting.

Grand Jury report finds city has failed to ease flooding

ENCINITAS — It’s no secret that Leucadia’s low-lying commercial strip, portions of Vulcan Avenue and other residential streets and alleys are prone to flooding.

Encinitas City Council supports mini-fire station plan

ENCINITAS — After hours of discussion, debate and public comments, the City Council said it would support a mini-fire station in the Olivenhain area and directed city fire officials to explore various ways of implementing the part-time response unit.

Encinitas council hears concerns on alcohol, bar hours

ENCINITAS — Several residents and business owners addressed the packed council chambers on May 16 to propose restrictions on alcohol service at downtown establishments.

Message from the Mayor: ‘Your input is unwelcome and irrelevant’

Once again the mayor of Encinitas has demonstrated his disdain for what you, as citizens of Encinitas, have to say.

Encinitas city officials dispute reserves claim in newspaper report

ENCINITAS — Following a watchdog report on government reserve fund overflows, appearing in the U-T in late April, officials with the City of Encinitas claimed a chart depicting the percentage the city had in their general fund reserves for the Fiscal Year 2010/11 was misleading.

Council votes to modify mayoral selection

ENCINITAS — The City Council voted 3-2, with Council members Teresa Barth and James Bond opposed, to tweak its mayoral selection process Feb. 15.

Residents, council put their backs into it

The Encinitas city council super-majority recently appointed council member Jerome Stocks mayor. Some 75 percent of the residents in attendance stood in silence and turned their backs to Mr. Stocks when he was selected. It was a powerful community commentary, but not surprising, as Stocks and the council super-majority have had a history of seemingly […]