Camp Pendleton

Hobby Shop helps families create memories 

CAMP PENDLETON — There is a unique, hidden gem located on Camp Pendleton that offers creative opportunities for base residents to explore their artistic talents. The Arts and Crafts Hobby Shop, located on Mainside, Bldg. 13113, is an inexpensive place for patrons to enjoy artistic hobbies such as woodworking, cake decorating, ceramics, sewing, pottery, guitar lessons […]

‘Bath salt’ drug effects still unknown

CAMP PENDLETON — Following the imposed ban of “spice,” service members are now being faced with another faux drug challenge. A ban was recently enforced in December 2010 by Marine Corps Forces Pacific that prohibited the use of a synthetic drug known as “spice” and the hallucinogenic herb, salvia divinorum. Now, a new drug which shows similar effects of […]

Corps restores tuition assistance for Marines heading to class

CAMP PENDLETON — The Marine Corps has restored the tuition assistance allowance to fiscal year 2011, rescinding proposed cuts allotted to higher education. Up to 100 percent of tuition and fees has been reauthorized for Marines wishing to improve their education, according to Marine Administrative Message 639/11, released Oct. 27. “There has been no commensurate increase to tuition […]

Marines test strength and endurance

CAMP PENDLETON — Marines tested their strength, endurance and ability to work as a team during the 7th annual Leatherneck Field Meet at the Paige Fieldhouse, Oct. 26. Marine Corps Community Services’ field meet, draws together various Pendleton units who then contend in various timed competitions such as, pull-ups, 1600-meter guidon relay race, tug-of-war, squad pushups, Humvee […]

Marine’s return to Afghanistan will be one of duty, closure

CAMP PENDLETON —Sgt. Jason Pacheco sat at a picnic table under the shade of some trees near one of the training grounds on Camp Pendleton, eating his lunch. He knew, in less than one month, he would be back in Afghanistan. He knows there won’t be much change once he returns to the battle-ridden country; […]

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate

CAMP PENDLETON — More than 263,070 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the U.S. in 2010. Although this static is alarming, men and women are daily fighting — and winning — their battle with cancer. Every October, America celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to increase awareness and raise funds to research causes, prevention, diagnosis, […]

Pendleton to celebrate Red Ribbon Week

CAMP PENDLETON—Service members, civilian personnel and their families are encouraged to participate in Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31, to emphasize the benefits of pursuing a drug-free lifestyle. Established in 1988 by Congress, Red Ribbon Week honors the memory of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent and former Marine Enrique Camarena, who was murdered by drug traffickers after […]

Camp Pendleton celebrates 69th anniversary

CAMP PENDLETON — More than 150 service members, families and distinguished guests gathered for an evening colors ceremony at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch House, Sept. 29. The annual event marked the base’s 69th anniversary, and was conducted in honor of the Marines and sailors who continue to devote, risk and sacrifice their lives in […]

Operation BROOM set to ensure trick-or-treaters’ safety

CAMP PENDLETON —With Halloween fast approaching, the base is readying their annual safety arsenal to ensure monsters, princesses and superheroes alike enjoy a fun and safe fright night. Operation Base Reign Over Our Munchkins, a safety measure implemented for more than a decade by the Provost Marshal’s Office here, will kick off Halloween night to […]

(Not) Keeping Up with the Joneses

CAMP PENDLETON —Despite receiving steady income, approximately 58 percent of U.S. military members stated they found it difficult to cover their monthly expenses and pay bills, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Foundation’s Military Service Member Money Survey 2010. This shocking statistic does much to detract from the myth that everyone in the military […]