Andrew Audet

Residents must have say on General Plan

Del Mar and Encinitas officials are rewriting city zoning to promote high-density mixed-use development. If approved the changes could cede local control of zoning to state bureaucrats, increase traffic, destroy community character and reduce quality of life. Del Mar officials call it “revitalization.”

10 years later, and still no Hall Park

Youth sports teach personal ownership for actions.  As a boy, when I prepared to play for the Little League championship my dad Hank and our coach Mr. Moody told us kids “Excuses don’t win championships.” I thought of my dad as I watched Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks being interviewed by Michael Turko on KUSI who […]

Residents, council put their backs into it

The Encinitas city council super-majority recently appointed council member Jerome Stocks mayor. Some 75 percent of the residents in attendance stood in silence and turned their backs to Mr. Stocks when he was selected. It was a powerful community commentary, but not surprising, as Stocks and the council super-majority have had a history of seemingly […]