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Survey results show roundabouts in the lead

RANCHO SANTA FE — A Nov. 5 meeting at the Rancho Santa Fe Association revealed its recent community-wide survey results which indicated that 73 percent of property owners prefer roundabouts over traffic signals along the Paseo Delicias intersections of Via de la Valle, El Montevideo/La Valle Plateada, and El Camino del Norte.

According to the Association, a total of 1,937 surveys were sent out and 1,124 were returned. Calculations specified that 817 voters favored roundabouts while 272 desired traffic signals.

Association manager Bill Overton discussed the survey results at the meeting. He reiterated that technically, the issue of deciding between traffic signals and roundabouts did not require a vote per their bylaws or outlined by state law. This is why the board decided to initiate a survey and send one to every property owner, including those that weren’t registered to vote at the Association.

Overton pointed out that many were concerned that there would not be a good response.

“A 58 percent return rate is an exceptional response to the survey,” he said. “I realize there’s still high passions about this issue in the community and very much respect that.”

Overton said he felt the survey process was well run and managed.

“Again, I understand not all fully agree with that, but I accept that,” he said. Overton continued, “I think it (the survey) was very open and transparent.”

Overton went on to say that he stood by the voice of community. He believed the results were strong enough to proceed with a recommendation to inform the county about the survey’s response to roundabouts.

Overton told the board and attendees that he was under the impression that the county’s general preference was to have Covenant members decide.

“So we want to pass the results along,” he said, describing them as compelling.

Heather Slosar, vice president of the Association, added that something to keep in mind was that the survey was a recommendation from the Association to the county. Ultimately, she said, the county makes the decision.

Board members then unanimously agreed to send a letter to the county in moving forward with the roundabout construction installation based on the 73 percent approval from property owners.