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Surf event successful despite weather

ENCINITAS — Dismal weather conditions didn’t stop hardcore surfing enthusiasts from celebrating the fifth annual International Surfing Day on June 19.
Founded by the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine, the worldwide event brought surfers of all skill levels together locally at Moonlight Beach.
After a surf session, attendees participated in a beach cleanup sponsored by the San Diego Surfrider chapter.
Prizes were awarded in various categories including most unique piece of trash collected, most unusual object ridden on a wave and most creative trash sculpture built.
Lisa Nelson said the weather kept her out of the water. “Unfortunately, when there’s rain, there’s runoff and it all ends up in the ocean,” she said. “I guess it was telling that a lot of us didn’t go out because of the pollution that’s suffocating our waterways.”
Ben Linden said he found some interesting items during the cleanup portion of the day. “You’d be surprised what people leave on the beach,” he said, holding what appeared to be a used condom retrieved from the rocks on the beach north of D Street. “If you bring it to the beach you should take it home with you,” he said. “Or at least have the common sense to throw it in the trash can.”