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Superintendent to honor Rowe’s birthday

RANCHO SANTA FE — The death of R. Roger Rowe was still weighing heavily on the minds and hearts of school officials at the March 1 meeting of the school board.“It’s been hard in a lot of ways,” said Lindy Delaney, superintendent. “He was huge part of the community for a lot of years.”

The iconic namesake of the school in Rancho Santa Fe died Feb. 4 at his home at the age of 82.
“It was his heart,” Delaney said.

A memorial service for him is planned for 1 p.m. March 31 at the Village Church. The church is expected to be filled to capacity.

On March 18, what was to be his 83rd birthday, Delaney said she would like to buy ice cream for all the students.
“He always said, ‘dessert first,’” she said.

“It would be a nice way for the kids to say goodbye,” said Marti Ritto, board member.

Delaney said she has received many condolences because she was close to Rowe. One of her favorites was a note from first-grader Henry McDonough that read, “Dr. Rowe was a very good man. I love the school you built together.”

In other district business, it was decided that large 6-foot-size address-like numbers would be painted on top of all the buildings at the school, which would be visible only from the air. It was learned during a disaster drill at the school in October that it would easier for a helicopter to determine where help was needed much faster.

“We were saying (into a radio to the helicopter during the drill), ‘We’re in the building in the north west corner,’” Delaney said. “We learned we really need those numbers.”

Also discussed at the meeting was the settlement agreement of $53,000 with C.W. Driver to address Driver’s failure to meet contract specifications regarding the use of galvanized steel in the construction of six exterior staircases during the construction and renovation of the school. The plans had called for galvanized stairs, but the stairs installed were not.

The issue is not one of safety, but of wear and tear on the stairs. The money will be used for maintenance, Delaney said.

The board also approved the annual board policy review by general counsel for the district, Richard Currier.

“Most of the changes are because of changes in the law,” he said. “Our legislature is active and interested in education.”

He said the policies will eventually be available on the school’s website.

The board also approved an increase in school fees for new construction projects to $3.20 per square foot for residential development and $0.51 cents per square foot for commercial development.

These fees are part of the cost of the building permit and are approved by the State Allocation Board.

“This is what is happening and we are here just to deliver the news,” said Todd Frank, board member.

If all goes according to plan, the new stadium seating will be installed in the performing arts center during spring break.

The Rancho Santa Fe School Board meets on the first Thursday of the month.
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