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Super shoppers offer fashion the easy way

SOLANA BEACH — “It all started when I got some birthday money last year and asked Christina (Hall) to help me with my wardrobe,” Jody Schneider, a former public relations vice president and mother of two, said. “She surprised me by pulling clothes from shops all around town and styling me out.”
Hall, a media planning account director and also a mother of two, was excited to draw upon her ability to spot trends and her love for shopping and she was ready for the challenge. After just one session identifying Schneider’s look and another shopping together, she created a new, exciting, yet functional wardrobe that got Hall lots of compliments.
“Friends started to notice my new look and when I told them Christina had shopped for me, they said they needed her, too,” Schneider said.
The response was so positive, Hall and Schneider started a style consulting business in Solana Beach in January 2010 and that’s how Lauren Brandal was born.
Lauren Brandal will be hosting a Fall Trunk Show Sept. 30 at the studio, 506 Pacific Ave. For more information, visit
“The name, Lauren Brandal, is from our daughters. Lauren is Christina’s daughter and Brandal is my daughter’s middle name,” Schneider said. “We met when our daughters were in kindergarten together, so it only seemed appropriate that we include them in the business.”
To date, the women have sold almost $19,000 worth of clothes and the business is proving to be successful and unique.
“Essentially we go into people’s closets to help them identify what works and what doesn’t,” she said. “Then, we go shopping for them to find the best deals at the best prices. Once we have a good selection of clothes, the client can either come to our studio to try on the clothes and have a fun night out or we go to their home and help pull together their existing wardrobe with their new pieces.”
The duo also creates “look books” for customers, where we photograph each piece of clothing along with all of its options, so they can pull out their book each morning and “find” their outfit for the day.
“The best part for us is that we simply return whatever they don’t want, so we have no inventory, thus keeping our profits high and our costs low,” Schneider said.