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Still waiting to bundle up for fall in California

I am sick of this hot weather. If you’ve seen me “around town” recently, you may have noticed I am decked out in suit jackets and double-layered clothing, which mostly happen to be black. I am trying my best to act as if this is really fall weather. I don’t know about you, but I love fall and winter fashion. So I’ve decided to ignore the temperatures and enjoy the heavier jackets inside my closet. One of my best friends happens to know how I long for winter weather. She just loves to give me the daily forecast each morning. If there are clouds, she says, “It’s going to burn off and be perfect weather.” Or I’ll get the call, “Are you hot over there in Rancho Santa Fe? I have my air conditioning on. How can you stand this heat?”
I can’t.
And, on that note, I am going to share with you some chilly winter memories from last year when I flew back home to Iowa for Christmas. You might ask, “What is so great about -15 degrees and a blanket of snow?” Well, the earth feels almost like it’s resting in the wintertime in Iowa. The sun does not come out. Think dreamy and cloudy. The gray colors loom across the white horizon. Icicles dangle from the trees while children sled down the sloped hills near their homes. Families are busy inside, nestled up next to their fireplaces, lounging around in comfortable clothes while escaping the cold weather. Imagine three meals a day over the holidays, with cracking mixed nuts and sipping on hot chocolate in between. When there is cold weather, you have more reason to stay in and read a book. Hobbies like knitting and doing 1,000-piece puzzles are still common in Iowa. You won’t feel guilty in the middle of the day if you decide to watch your favorite action movie, or play board games with your kids. You can take a nap and feel good about resting. (If you enjoy naps like me, keep it under wraps. You might be considered lazy out here in California.)
I know what you are thinking. Corn, that’s all there is back in Iowa. Not true. In the northwest corner of this state is a group of natural lakes called East Okoboji and West Okoboji. My sister’s family and my parents live on each of these lakes. In the wintertime, these lakes completely freeze over. Residents in this area actually drive their vehicles with tire chains so they can maneuver safely across the ice. They even have a polar bear plunge on New Year’s Day. No one seems to care in Iowa that the sunshine is continuous in California. This small town is filled with people that are used to the four seasons and actually enjoy the change of weather. Is it plausible that snow might actually be preferred in some of those “flyover states?” I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I say yes! Yes to a white winter wonderland that is fabulously delicious, exhilaratingly cold and eye blindingly perfect. Yes to that hint of light blue smudged inside the gray sky outlining the white horizon. Life is cold and dreamy for me back there in Iowa. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to call my girlfriend and brag about the -15 degree weather. I can already hear her voice over the phone, “Really? You don’t miss the sunshine?” Well, maybe just a little. Wink, wink.

On Oct. 17, Rancho Santa Fe resident Robin Schull celebrated his birthday in style at Mille Fleurs courtyard. Generation X arrived in style to enjoy fine food and appetizers on a warm Friday evening. More than 25 guests attended this festive party. Some of the guests were Melissa Williams, Sacha Boutros, Max Babelli and Janice Jaraicie. The highlight of the evening was when Robin’s Aunt, Laurel McCrink arrived, and piano player Randy Beecher sang happy birthday as the finale for the evening. A piece of German chocolate cake added just the right touch of splendor to the successful birthday celebration.
On Oct. 19th, Jill Drouin, one of my favorite bartenders in Rancho Santa Fe, competed in the U.S. Women’s Triathlon Series – San Diego, CA. More than $33,000 was raised to help fight ovarian cancer. More than 1,000 women competed on this huge day. Her mother, Janet Drouin, flew in from Canada for Jill’s big day. Jill has been training for this event for only three months and came in the 22nd percentile overall out of all of the women competing! Her next event will be the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. Now she’s what I call rock star material. Congrats Jill on raising money to help fight cancer.
On Oct. 25, Tracie Lynn Imblum and Joel Steven Levine were united in marriage at 4:30 in the afternoon in an elegant ceremony at the Crosby Country Club. Only 75 guests were invited to their special day. White chairs were lined in a row outside overlooking the golf course, where guests took their seats. Tracie Imblum wore a stunning strapless cream wedding dress, accented by a flowing veil and two gorgeous dangling diamond earrings. The groom wore a cream vest jacket and tie in a classic black tuxedo. The flower designs were made up of calla lilies, orchid and red roses. After the ceremony, the guests moved inside to enjoy drinks, mingle and eat appetizers before the three-course sit down dinner. I felt very lucky to be invited to witness such a romantic and inspirational evening centered around love and family. The table of guests I sat with were quite fascinating and fun. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful evening.
Later that evening, Sacha Boutros celebrated her Grammy nomination while performing at the new Bing Crosby’s Restaurant, which recently opened in the Fashion Valley Mall. One hundred and fifty people vote for the first qualification for the Grammy nominations. Keep your fingers crossed that Ranch singer Sacha Boutros makes the final cut. Sacha has promised to keep me posted. In the meantime, you can take a drive down memory lane to one of the Ranch’s most infamous celebrities, Bing Crosby. This restaurant is right across from the Cheesecake Factory in Mission Valley. The atmosphere there is like that of a swanky 1940’s-style bar. There is no cover and Sacha will be singing there during the month of November. Call Bing Crosby’s Restaurant for more details. And for more information on the Grammy nominations, visit www.grammy/Grammy_Awards/Voting/.
On Oct. 27, while walking around the Morgan Run Golf Course, I spied three individuals fishing in the two man-made ponds across from Whispering Palms! The sun had set and they parked their car off to the side, hoping no one would see them. If my son hadn’t been with me, and it wasn’t already past sunset, I would’ve marched over and pointed out the large “No trespassing.” Lucky for them, I didn’t have their names to print in the paper. Next time beware.
The next morning at the Roger Rowe Elementary, parents could be seen in the lineup wearing witches hats and costumes, promoting the Halloween Carnival for the children. This takes commitment and time and I want to say thanks to all of the moms and dads who take time to make Halloween such an amazing event at Roger Rowe Elementary. The kids all get out early, dress up and march through the Ranch’s main drag for this festive fun holiday, then on to the carnival to enjoy rides, food, mazes and slides before packing up their “trick-or-treats” for the evening. This is definitely one of the highlights of the year for all of the children who attend Roger Rowe.
On Oct. 29, I was invited to the Pacifikai Salon and Spa on Cedros in Solana Beach. Proud owners Nikki Dawod and Viviana Camacho were there to welcome guests for their opening celebration. They brought in Kurt Ehrlich, a celebrity gourmet caterer from Los Angeles, to spoil the attendees with delicious appetizers consisting of salmon, penne pasta, Greek finger foods, and an array of pastries and coffees. No need to make dinner after this event. My son Jackson grabbed a couple of extra cookies for the ride home. This salon is only 15 minutes from Rancho Santa Fe. The specialties at this salon and spa are microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, eyelash extensions, haircuts and coloring services, eyelash extensions and much more. They are an all-service salon and spa offering many unique treatments to pamper yourself with now or for the holiday season. For more information, call (858) 720-0724.

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tracy117 November 16, 2008 at 5:36 pm

you have
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ha ha…..drinking
hot chocolate…..while
kids are sledding……..

here….i miss ca….i would
trade winter for summer every day
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great article….love you dear sister~


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