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Carlsbad mayor matt hall began his 2018 State of the City address by paying tribute to past officials, staffers and residents. Photo via Facebook
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State of City address highlights city’s achievements

CARLSBAD — The future, planning and financial responsibility were just three themes during the State of the City address exemplifying why Carlsbad is healthy, vibrant and an example to others throughout San Diego County.

Each city council member gave a short speech and the audience was treated to a short video about what the city has accomplished over the past year.

Mayor Matt Hall began the evening by paying tribute to the past elected officials, city staffers and residents whose foresight has led the city to where it is today. He said it is the responsibility of the current and future councils to plan for the next 40 to 50 years to ensure the quality of life, deliver efficient city services and provide the amenities residents expect.

He also crowed about the growth cap and Growth Management Plan, devices put in place with a combined effort of residents and local government.

“What does the future look like?” Hall asked. “Don’t think through your eyes, but think through what it will look like for your kids and grandkids in 2050.”

Councilwoman Cori Schumacher said the future of the city is the responsibility of her colleagues and residents who need to cultivate and adjust as time changes. She said speaking with residents, they are excited to charge into new directions, and hold dear the same values and traditions as those who built the city years ago.

“I hear about the values and traditions we value,” Schumacher said.

The city’s video gave a snapshot into some of the biggest projects and issues over the past year. Included were upgrades to Leo Rancho Carrillo, the opening of Pine Avenue Park Community Center, the Village and Barrio and McClellan-Palomar Airport master plans and the completion of several beach access points in the Village.

But the main theme of the video was how the city created a place for generations to raise families. The city showcased several high school students whose goal after college is to return to the city to work, live and play.

“Carlsbad is a multi-generational city,” Councilman Mark Packard said. “I’m a dentist and when I get a new patient … I ask them why they moved to here, they say Carlsbad was the best place they could find.”

As such, it’s one reason why the council members touted the city’s tradition of long-term planning.

For example, Councilman Michael Schumacher explained how in 1988 the city began planning for the Orion Center (formerly the Maintenance and Operations Center) and its expansion. It was an action item on the agenda earlier on Aug. 21 to include police evidence storage, a centralized materials yard and allowing the city to repurpose three other buildings.

“I thank the leaders from decades ago for thinking through the finances,” Michael Schumacher said. “This is a very exciting time.”

Councilman Keith Blackburn, meanwhile, said he’s one of the city’s top cheerleaders and has to hold back from bragging. He also championed how the city has invested and saved money for infrastructure, public safety and how the city has “the best of everything.”


Addie August 28, 2018 at 12:21 pm

Your mischaracterization is not surprise since you have no interest in actually engaing in genuine debate. Cori did not say she wanted Carlsbad to be a sanctuary city. She simply pointed out the fact that the vote was a meaningless gesture meant only to further divide Carlsbad. You obviously want that as well. Cori wants to unite people and represent all of us. She studies issues and does her own homework, unlike any of the others who sit on the dais. Both Hall and Packard freely admit they rarely if ever read any documents. I found this out myself during the Caruso Mall fiasco. Hall lied to me personally (and lied to everyone, of course). Cori wouldn’t do this since it’s not in her makeup. By the way since when is being a junkyard owner any more qualified than being a world class professional surfer? In just a year or so Cori has educated herself to the point that she is 10 times more knowledgeable and experienced than Hall. Don’t believe me? go talk to her yourself when she has open office hours on Thursdays 2-4. Does Hall do this? She also explains her votes in detail instead of ducking people like Hall.

Jo August 27, 2018 at 2:41 pm

For those who think Cori will bring change I hope you are happy with the thought of being a sanctuary city. She voted yes for that. What experience does she have that qualifies her to run this wonderful city??? Her bio only references surfing. Please enlighten us.

Sage August 23, 2018 at 7:39 pm

I’m voting for Cori.

Addie August 23, 2018 at 10:09 am

For soon-to-be Former Mayor Matt Hall to talk about fiscal responsibility is the height of hypocrisy. Kind of like donald Trump talking about honesty and integrity. The sooner we have a new Mayor, the better for everyone in Carlsbad. Let’s elect someone who will represent ALL of us…Vote Cori in November.

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