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St. John’s School needs votes to power its future

ENCINITAS — St. John’s School is participating in the Power a Bright Future contest, a grant program for schools nationwide sponsored by Clorox happening this month.
The school that garners the most votes for their program through Clorox’s website at before Nov. 1, will win $20,000 or $50,000 for their school. Nominated programs fall into one of the three categories: Learn, Create, or Play.
Education budgets have been cut nationwide and school programs such as sports, music, art and technology are being hit hard. These programs are critical to a child’s development and provide a well-rounded school experience. While public schools have felt the pinch of budget cuts, private schools are not immune to the downturn in the economy.
With lower attendance, which translates to lower income, schools like St. John’s have had to make do with less or fundraise just to keep programs open. St. John’s computer lab is struggling. “It’s tough to compete when our kids are working on 13-year-old Gateway computers,” said computer teacher Valerie Thorpe.
St. John School’s “Creating with Computers” has the distinction of being the only nomination in Encinitas or in North County.
“We have held steadily around 15th place, but to win we really need community support,” said St. John school parent Cathy Hall. “To keep pace with technology, up-to-date computers for kids is really a necessity, not a luxury, in today’s world.”
Visit, search “Encinitas” to locate and vote for St. John School.