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Sports Talk: Quessenberry’s UCLA career is drawing to an end 

Dale Henry, La Costa Canyon High’s veteran offensive line coach, knew the answer before he’d even finished his question.

The Mavericks’ assistant was curious if there were any more Quessenberrys en route, so he asked their mother, Maureen.

Henry coached the Quessenberry boys — Paul, Dave and Scott — and boy, did they make Henry look good.

But Mama Quessenberry delivered the bad news that Henry expected. “Scott was the last one,” Henry said. “I guess I’ll have to wait for the grandkids.”

LCC is eager for its Avocado League showdown with Mission Hills on Friday and oh Henry, wouldn’t he like to have Scott Quessenberry on the line. 

Instead Scott, the younger of the family’s standout players, will be at Arizona beginning his stretch run as UCLA’s starting center.

“What a good dude and a great athlete he is,’” Henry said. “Just to be around the guy is why we coach.’”

Scott was coached-up by his siblings before he stepped foot on the LCC turf. Paul went on to play at the Naval Academy while Dave fought back leukemia after leaving San Jose State and is on the Houston Texans’ practice squad.

“I was fairly polished coming into college and a lot of it was the coaching I got in high school and having my brothers playing at the next level,” Scott said.

The even-keeled Henry preached something that Scott never forgot.

“He does a great job in reminding you of one thing and that the main thing is effort,” Scott said. “If you give great effort you will be put in good situations.”

The Bruins (3-2) are in a bit of a pickle, although they’re coming off a win over Colorado. While it’s been a rocky path for UCLA over the past two seasons, Scott is confident a strong finish is around the corner.

“I think we’ve got some momentum,” Scott said. “I like where our offense is.”

UCLA will need to be sharp over the next month in facing Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Utah, starting with the Wildcats on Saturday. Of those four games, only the Oregon contest is at the Rose Bowl.

Much like the Bruins, the 6-foot-4, 315-pound Scott has absorbed a few thorns during his stay in

Westwood. While he started all 12 games last year and was selected to the All-Pac 12 team, 2015 wasn’t as rosy.

Scott had operations on both shoulders that forced him to miss the season. But he rebounded with a stellar season last year and he’s having the time of his life as his college days dwindle.

“It’s kind of hitting me,” Scott said. “After Saturday we are at the halfway point of my senior season in college and it’s pretty wild. I’m just trying to take in every moment and tell the young guys to really embrace the opportunity because it goes so fast. Of course the freshmen don’t believe me, but it’s come and gone in a blink of an eye.”

What Scott hasn’t done is get shut-eye in class. He’s a regular on the Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll as a political science major. While Scott would love to trade the initials UCLA for NFL, he knows at some point, there is life after snaps and blocks.

“When football comes to an end for somebody what are you going to fall back on?” Scott asked. “So for me to graduate from UCLA with a 3.9 GPA after I finish my last class is going to be huge for my future.”

But Scott, the kid who once chilled at Moonlight Beach, wraps his big mitts around the present. He’s making every play count, guaranteeing the underclassman had the leadership they require and determined to leave UCLA on a positive note.

It’s tough to be negative when around any Quessenberry. Henry admitted that despite his string of shaping the Carlsbad clan being nothing but a fond memory.

“I coached all three and it was the same deal with all three of them,” Henry said. “They were going to be there every day and they were going to be enthusiastic players. You never had to worry about those guys.”

Now Henry jokingly frets about the Quessenberry well running dry.

“I hope,” he said. “I can hang around long enough for those grandkids.”

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